Wheel’s fixed and a Life Without Sports

My wheel has one black spoke, thats cool, buy I think I'm going to paint it white.

It took two trips to Carbondale (about an hour drive) for my wheel to get fixed and ironically I didn’t go on either one.  The first time Luke was going over there and took my wheel; he was able to find a shop that sold a replacement Mavic spoke.  He brought it to me and I found that Mavic likes to make things complicated.  Now you guys have to understand the Ksyrium Elite doesn’t use everyday spokes.  It uses a fancy pants, oversized, straight pull, rivet anchored, socket jointed, wonder spoke.  Apparently they have had many different sizes of spoke nuts and the one I got couldn’t be installed with the special spoke wrench that Mavic supplied with my wheel. 


Here's the anchoring system used on a mavic spoke.

Today my Dad was going to Carbondale so I gave the wheel to him and he took it Carbondale Cycle where Coak dug out an old Mavic wrench that fit this crazy spoke.  The new spoke pulled the wheel straight, no other spoke had to be touched. 


Ebay, cheaper and faster than the catalogs.

I got a new bottom bracket for my Trek Fuel and I’ll have it back on the trails soon.  Shauna and I rode last night and I took my Nashbar Touring bike which was making an awful creaking racket.  I haven’t diagnosed the problem yet but I’m certain it’s either loose cranks, loose bottom bracket, or bad bottom bracket bearings.  Looks like I got several things to fix. 

Now on to the philosophical part of tonight’s post.  Every Monday when I show up for work the guys are all fired up about the weekend’s sporting events.  They discuss in minute detail the finer points of the big games, the strong and weak performance of notable players and tally up their weekly quotient of bragging rights and dial their smart phones into a strange world of fantasy that sadly has nothing to do with Hobbits.  Its all a foreign language to me.  I’ve never had an interest in professional sports other than cycling and even that is pretty limited.

For instance my buddy can easily name every player on the NY Mets and give a scouting report for many minor league players.  My other buddy can do the same thing with the Dallas Cowboys. I can barely name, let along pronounce 4 cyclists on my favorite professional cycling team Leopard-Trek, which coincidentally is going to merge with Radioshack to form, Leopard-Trek-Radioshack.  

So on Monday morning when my co-worker posed the question, how could there be life without sports, I was quick to mention the wide world of alternative interests out there: gardening, chess, cycling, model railroading, ultimate frisbee.  He thought about it for a moment and said he’d rather be dead.  I would pose the question, how do you know you’re not already dead?

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1 Response to Wheel’s fixed and a Life Without Sports

  1. rlhoover says:

    I don’t have cable, only regular broadcast tv. I know I am dead when, on a rainy day, I turn on the boob tube and only find, football, cooking, sitcoms, and police dramas. -Ron

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