Marion’s Iron Man

I was walked into a fellow teacher’s class the other day and saw a cyclist on the front page of the Marion Daily Republican, I realized I knew this cyclist and had even ridden with him once in the past.  Mike Dunnaway was involved with the River to River club a few years ago and I met him on a club ride.  He was fairly new to riding then and I don’t remember really seeing him much because he was behind with the middle of the pack riders.  It’s funny because today after a few years of dedicated deliberate training he’d probably be the fastest rider in that group and the only one who can complete an Iron Man triathalon.

Of the 3 events that make up an Iron Man triathalon I could only complete the ride, and while I could probably do a easy flat route in around 6.5 hours it would take me about 5.5 hours to run a marathon at my current average pace.  All of this would be moot because in a triathlon you swim first and I would be floating in the pool upside down dead.

Dunnaway is a testament to the fact that will power can reshape the body and you’re never to old to start, I’m glad he agreed to do this article for the paper, it even inspired me to push hard tonight and average 19.6 on my hilly route.


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