Way to Go Shaundo and a New Low

Took a nice ride this morning with a few friends including JC who comments on here every now and again.  JC mentioned that while everyone likes to post positive “Way to Go” comments on my blog he likes to balance it out with some less positive comments.  I thought I’d throw a couple of positives out and see what he comes up with.

First off if you look at September 12th on her calendar you’ll see Shaundo has gone 2 years without smoking a single cigarette.  While I am vastly proud of her accomplishment and really glad our house no longer smells like burning trash I find this attention to detail and record keeping amusing.  I had a calendar once, it stayed on Jan for three years. 

Secondly is this photo of my weight.  Before I get to excited I have to quantify this picture it was after a long ride Saturday and after week of eating well and exercising alot.  I haven’t been on the scale since this picture.  I may never get on the scale again, I’ll just go the rest of my life telling people I weigh in the 220s.

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4 Responses to Way to Go Shaundo and a New Low

  1. Steve says:

    Please let me be one of the positive commentators and congratulate you and Shaundo for some epic achievements! The scale said 229. No qualifiers are necessary. However, I believe you will be going farther down the scale before you’re done!

  2. Yea Shauna! Giving up smokes is waaaaay hard. I’ve done it, and NO ride I’ve done since then has been as hard as staying off of cigarettes. You have my admiration!

    And Matt, you’re gonna soon be the invisible man.

    My calendar is stuck on June. oops.

  3. JC Wise says:

    man, dem are some fugly feet! bet they smells too.
    shawna never should have started smoking. never understood why people congratulate someone for quitting a bad habit. I would like to congratulate her for her continued bike riding. she’s gonna be an animal.
    Mark Twain said “it’s easy to quit smoking, I’ve done it hundreds of times”

  4. Jim Russell says:

    Since your previous weight was close to 300 lbs you have lost close to 70 lbs; that is really quite an accomplishment. Unfortunately with winter approaching there will be less riding, less exercise and plenty of holiday food; will really need to stay focused. I suppose you can give the trainer and Sufferfest a workout this winter.

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