Williams Hill, The Movie

For all those not fortunate enough to live in Southern Illinois and ride roads in the Shawnee National Forest here’s a video from a ride last week. 

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4 Responses to Williams Hill, The Movie

  1. Ondrew says:

    You are really going hi tech with the video production. Impressive! It tells the story.

  2. Jim Russell says:

    That is really a cool video with music no less, but why does your video camera make me look fat? I really do need to lose about 20 pounds I suppose. I was really gasping for air when I made the top although you seem to climb with little effort.

    I plan on purchasing a small video camera in the near future. Kodak makes a small waterproof video camera (ZX5 playsport) and also sells a handlebar attachment device; getting get reviews for video quality.

    I work this weekend and holiday but off next weekend; I rode to Glen O Jones and back a few days ago thinking it would be an easy 30 mile ride. Unfortunately on the return trip I ran into a 15 MPH headwind; really makes you work harder.

    • Matt Gholson says:

      Huh? I thought you looked pretty swell. As far as me climbing those hills, you should have been there a few years ago and seen some real suffering.

      I’m thinking about getting some kind of helmet cam, I tried handlebar mounts with a few different cameras and they kind of work but the helmet is the way to go. Right now I’m looking at a Contour HD looks perfect for cycling.

  3. Next March, you will have another chance to ride the Little Egypt Randonneurs 300 Km brevet which starts in Carbondale, rolls south down old 51, up and back down Bald Knob, over Wing Hill Road, Tunnel Hill road, 147, 145 then up and over Williams Hill. Then all you have to do is rinse and repeat to get back to Carbondale. 187 miles of pure fun! And you get to do this hill and Bald Knob hill twice in the same day!

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