Do I look that Scary

So I’ve been working a bit on running.  My first attempt at 5K was around 37 minutes.  Keep in mind that is 100% flat track running.  My next attempt was around 35 minutes and I did it again this morning in 35.  This morning I mixed it up a bit with some intervals and even walked a half a lap so I think I’m seeing some improvement.

Thats not really what I wanted to talk about though.  When I went to the track this morning there was no one there.  On my 11th lap a woman started walking while I was on the opposite side.  When I finished my last lap I was about 100 feet behind her.  I decided to do a cool down walking lap and by the end of that lap I was about 30 feet behind her. 

I noticed that she looked over her shoulder several times while i was walking behind her and seemed to make several attempts to pick up her walking speed.  Once my cool down lap was finished I continued to walk a little bit father thinking of doing one more lap.  I walked past the first gate where I parked.  The woman took a quick look back and saw that I was still comming and swung out the second gate.  I stopped to look at a pair of shoes someone had left at the track and then decided to head to my car. 

The woman had double back through the bleachers and was about to step through the first gate until she saw that I was now heading towards it.  She froze and looked into my eyes, I’m sure I could sense fear.  I waved and smiled and tried my best to look as friendly as possible and she litterally botled for her SUV.  When she opened the door she took one last hateful look into my eyes and then took off. 

Maybe its the beard?  I went to a nursing home one time and an old lady there started screaming, “THE DEVIL, its THE DEVIL,” when I walked through the door?


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2 Responses to Do I look that Scary

  1. Steve says:

    Another report on life in America in the 21st Century, where a woman on her own must assume that any random male – especially one that seems to be slowly closing on her – can be a serial criminal.

  2. Ondrew says:

    Have you considered the possibly that the woman has issues?
    Keep up the running. It’s a good cross training.

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