PowerBar Energy Blasts Review

A rolling review, I took these pictures at my last ride.

Today lets look at some alternative fuel for bike riders, everyone knows about bars and most people know about gels, but how many people know about, “Gel filled chews.”  Powerbar Energy Blasts come in a box of 4 for about 4 dollars making them about the same price as gel pouches.  They are a solid “gummy” chew with a center of gel filling.  Each pouch has about 6 or 8 of these little chews and the whole thing provides 45g of carbs, 60mb of sodium, and 3g of protien. 

I have never really cared much for gels, you could probably count the number of gels I’ve consumed in my life on one hand.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, a gel is a pouch full of sugar goo that you squueze out and swallow during a ride.  I was explaining this to a non rider once and they couldn’t believe it, but its true.  The idea is a very fast way to get alot of calories into you body very quickly.  Since I don’t race and I rarely ride with super fast groups I really don’t need to the fast carbs of gels, I usually just eat a cliff bar, but I am sure that if you do use a gel you’ll get a noticable burst of energy as your body metabolizes all that quick sugar.

Each chew has a little P on it, for POWER I guess.

This leads me to the problem of PowerBar Energy Blasts, while they taste really good, just like candy in fact, and I really enjoy eating them, you still have to eat them.  With a gel you just squuze the goop in your mouth and swallow, all very fast and effiecent, with these you stick a few in your mouth and chew them up.  My wife loves these and usually splits the package with me during the course of the ride.  I never notice a burst of energy, but I’m only eating about 3 at a time.  On a recent solo ride I took the whole package but couldn’t eat them all at once, I lost interest and ate a few at a time.

So what good are PowerBar Energy Blasts?  Well they taste really good, and they are  a welcome change from the Cliff bars and granola bars I usually eat on rides, but you could buy a bag of orange slices for a dollar and get pretty much 4 times the calories for less money.  Gels make sense for super quick energy since you just swallow, chews only really make since if you want quick energy but can’t stand gels, even then I’d just buy some gummy bears.

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5 Responses to PowerBar Energy Blasts Review

  1. Steve says:

    I tried a similar product during my quasi-criterium and loved them. They tasted great and were easy to fish out of my jersey pocket and then put the remainder away.

  2. I tried them this year on my long rides. Hated them. They stuck to my teeth. I’m not much on gels either. In fact, eating on the Long Haul Trucker has been a pain this year for some reason. I’ve been trying to “graze” from C-Stores. I think I’ll go back to a liquid diet on the bike – Hammer Perpetuem. I was much happier and my result times were better.

  3. It’s been a while since I’ve used a gel, but if I recall, those are around 100 calories each. We used a chew (Shot Bloks) for our marathon last fall, and I never did feel like I got the boost from them that I get from the gels.

    In honesty, I feel like a Snickers bar from the c-store does me as much or more good on the types of rides I do, which are more of a long, sustained effort as opposed to race pace. When it’s hot, I’ll add a Gatorade for some electrolytes and I’m good go to.

  4. JC Wise says:

    plus one for Tracy Wilkins. Snickers are my bar of choice. I think the whole energy bar and drink product category is a scam. Might do a pro some good but not so much for us average joes. Just eat some food and ride your bike. If you need an energy blast, stop and eat a doughnut.

  5. Matt Gholson says:

    I love a snickers bar but If I caried one in my back pocket it’d be a mess. Cliff bars taste about as good and don’t melt. The only product that I’m sure has really benefited me is Perpetuem, seems like I can ride for hours drinking that stuff and not get hungry.

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