Training Ride to Williams Hill

Ready to get my training on!

So I got it in my head this morning I needed a training ride.  I needed to go out and hammer the pedals.  I needed to climb massive hills and get my heart rate to new highs.  I needed to punish myself for the box of sugar cookies I ate yesterday, (Ed Note:  I saved like 3 dollars on 4th of July cookies).  I set a course for Williams Hill, the most direct route I was willing to take. 

route 34 isn't too good for cycling.

The most direct route to Williams Hill would lead me down route 34/145 which is currently being hammered by coal trucks.  No offense to them they need to work and the roads are there for everyone, but when I say these guys hammer the roads, I mean they are beating them with giant sledgehammers, endlessly pounding away.  So I took a slight detour and rode some gravel to avoid all but about a mile of highway 34.  In that one mile I was nearly pushed off the road by the draft of a  truck who didn’t move left one inch.  Well I appreciate that he didn’t hit me.

You can see the tower up there that marks the top, this is near the bottom of the shorter side.

I found after my first attempt at riding an interval today that something wasn’t right.  It was pretty cool this morning but we did have 85% humidity so maybe that was affecting things.  Either way I found that the data from my Heart Rate meter wasn’t jiving with the Percieved Exertion that my body was whining about.  Essentially it felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. 

Here’s a typical Heart Rate Zone chart for me

80-120 Am I awake?
121-130 this is nice.
131-140 good talking pace
141-150 moving along
151-160 Hammer Time!
161-170 Ouch this hurts!
171-180+ Oh God I’m going die!

Today I felt like this

80-120 Am I awake.
121-130 Moving along now
131-140 Is a tire low?
141-150 I sware a brake must be rubbing!
151-160+ Oh… My…. God… I’m….. Gonna….. Die…..

So anyway I went click, click, click, click, and crawled up the hills in my lowest gear, all ideas of training, riding intervals, or being awesome were gone, it was just about survival.  Ironically I began to feel pretty good when I got out of the hills and into the flats, I pushed pretty hard and raised my average speed from 13 to 15 and finished up the 50 mile ride feeling better.



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One Response to Training Ride to Williams Hill

  1. It’s discouraging, even irritating that the best places to ride around here are often accessed only by way of “truck routes”. Speaking as a truck driver, I agree, they gotta make a living, but if I was in an “Amish” buggy and not on a bike, they would have to slow and pass me safely. The problem isn’t the roads, it’s the drivers.

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