Watching the Tour de France

I’m pretty much watching the Tour de France every morning.  For the last 3 years I’ve paid Versus, or their online minions,  30 US dollars so I could watch it online.  The first year it was awful, it would stop working all the time the quality was terrible and it just didn’t work very well.  Last year was better, it worked most of the time, but lacked any sound from the cameras, kind of weird watching a silent bike race.  This year it has worked almost perfect, the sound is there and the image quality is supberb.  I’m really glad I paid the money and got it.

So in an effort to get my money’s worth and because I don’t really have anything else to do I’ve been watching almost the entire race, as much as 5 hours, but no matter how hard I try I can’t watch the whole thing, there is only so much that the commentators can say while a peloton cruises down the road and keep my attention.  I do stay pretty focused on the last hour of racing.

In the last hour things start to heat up, the sprinters and overall contenders all start trying to get to the front, break aways have to be reeled in, crashes happen and there is no time for pleasantries like stoping to to a whiz, or nature break as the French call it.  That leads me to the climax of today’s post.

So I’m watching the race and Phil says, “Looks like Chris Horner is moving to the front for Radioshack,” I’m like hey its my buddy Chris, awesome.  I see him exchange some words with another Radioshack guy then I see him shove his hands down his shorts.  Did I mention I’m now getting sharp high definition coverage.  So thankfully the camera panned away and I thought well at least they are going to let Chris take a piss in private.  But no, he came back into the shot, his “whizzer” in hand and he looked to have a nice flow going.  So I called in Shauna so she could see then had to take a screen shot and blow it up on photoshop to prove to her she was actually watching a guy take a leak while riding his bike. Sorry I’m not going to post it, can’t risk losing my family friendly label.

Oh! Some dude name Edvald BozenHawgen won today.  Looking forward to some mountains next week!


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One Response to Watching the Tour de France

  1. JC Wise says:

    Go Bo-hog!!!!

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