Thinking About a New Car

Monte Carlo!!!

Since I’ve gotten more hardcore into bike riding in the last few years ironically I’ve driven more.  Last summer my riding buddy Terry got a new car without a bike rack which left me doing all the driving.  This year he decided he wasn’t going to ride his bike which has left me doing all the driving. 

Now if you’re wondering why I don’t just ride from my house, well that’s a good question.  I’ve written in the past how bored I’ve got with all the roads around my house;  coal trucks make some of the better hilly roads off-limits and unless I’m aiming for a 50+ mile ride then the route is pretty repetative.  There aren’t many riders in my town so if I want to meet up with others to ride then I’ve got to go to them, and the biggest thing is that I’ve gotten more into traveling to organized rides or just out-of-state adventure because I’ve grown (actually shrunk) alot as a cyclist. 

So my Monte Carlo gets about 25 miles per gallon on the highway with a bike on top.  One trip we had two bikes on top and two on back and 3 passengers.  I sware I could literally see my gas gauge moving.  Gas is currently over 4 dollars a gallon which isn’t that big of a deal to my daily life, it kind of bothers me when I’m driving to something frivolous like a bike ride. 

Compound this with the fact I’m getting burned out on the Monte Carlo, its got these big heavy doors that suck, and while its been a great car that hasn’t given me one single problem in 6 years I’m just getting tired of driving it.  The fact is I want to drive something like this. 

Volkswagen GTI turbo, I could see myself tooling around in this.


The Lotus ELise, for 35,000 dollars I could get a car I could barely fit in.

 Yes, I want to drive a tiny race car that I could barely fit in, with 2 seats, and nearly zero utility.  I’d like it to have cool racing tires that cost 300 dollars apiece, a custom body kit, and a big fat chrome tailpipe.  But that fact is that I’m way to down to Earth to ever give in and drive something like that, in fact I probably won’t buy a car until one of ours dies.  My wife’s Daewoo will probably die before long, yes I said Daewoo.  Its been an excellent car, that we haven’t spent a penny on, but its ten years old and its starting to get that, put me out of my misery look, so we’ll probably be car shopping before too long and I bet we get this.

It won’t be as cool but with 50 miles per gallon I’ll at least be able to go places.


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4 Responses to Thinking About a New Car

  1. JC Wise says:

    if you get a prius, you will have to hand in your man card. and all your cred. vdubs are cool but all the handles brake off at some point. get a sport-ute like Mikes! actually, hundais are the one to beat.

  2. Matt Gholson says:

    no sport-ute, and if I did loose all my cred I could afford to drive around and earn more. I’d just have to get used to living without my man card.

  3. Interestingly, we just got a new tandem hauler to compliment our Prius. I’m gonna make a post about it one of these days, but am waiting for the right pic to go with it.

    Don’t let him give you grief about needing to turn in your man-card. At nearly 50 mpg, I snear at mine all the way to the bank…and we’ve hauled the tandem thousands of miles in the back as well!

  4. Matt Gholson says:

    That’s two recomendations in one day, someone at work mentioned I should get one.

    How does the mileage do with a bike on it?

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