Preperation for 3 State Ride Complete LOL

Out for a morning jog Tuesday this week.

Haven’t had alot a time to post recently, we’ve had a few nice sunny days after almost 3 solid weeks of crappy bad weather and its kept me busy outside.  Its Friday morning and I’ll be leaving soon for Chattanooga, there’s nothing left to do but make sure I’ve got everything packed and reflect back on my preperation for this ride. 

I started in January thinking about doing this ride and trying to loose some weight for it.  I began jogging every morning and doing some kind of workout every night, alternatiing between the gym and bike trainer.  I lost weight pretty quickly but seemed to get hung around 236-237.  As weather began to improve I got in more outdoor rides and planned to really step it up in April with some longer rides.  I’ve only managed to get in 5 rides over 50 miles, and the farthest I’ve ridden so far this year is 75.  Two weekends in April were totally washed out and pretty much all of last week. 

Harrisburg has some cobbles and I walk on some most mornings.

Another problem is that many of the outdoor rides I have taken are with Shauna and while I’m really glad she’s riding, it does cut into my training time.  I’m not saying rides with Shauna are not valuable, and they are usually enjoyable, but the fact is I’m not working very hard.  I’ll have all the time I could possibly want to ride hard soon when schools out.

The scale doesn't lie, but I wish it would.

I didn’t make my weight goal.  I did loose a bit more weight and got down to 233 Tuesday.   I’m not that down about that, because I’ve been pretty focused on it lately and I’m still seeing a very slow gradual downward trend. 

So am I prepared?  I think its safe to say I’m in the best bike riding shape I’ve ever been in, I’m lighter then I’ve been since I started riding, and a quick of my log shows that I’ve to more miles for this time of year then I’ve ever had before, though only by a few.  I think I’m as ready as I can get. 

I just keep thinking about the wall on lookout mountain.


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3 Responses to Preperation for 3 State Ride Complete LOL

  1. I’m not much of a betting kind of guy, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that you’re gonna rock those mountains!

    Have fun.

  2. Steve says:

    Go get ’em! You are very brave to tackle those climbs so early in the season. Maybe some day I’ll be up for that, but for now I’ll settle for a nice flat century. I’ll be thinking of you on my ride tomorrow. Good luck!

  3. You’re a tough rider, friend. As as Diana Ross sang, “Ain’t no mountain high enough” to keep you from your goals. Ride Strong (as the world’s greatest cyclist says).

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