Happy Birthday Shaundo, Tour De Kota,

Here we are all birthday and stuff.

Shauna had a birthday yesterday and now she’s 32, which is the same age as me.  We had a nice time. 

I signed up for the Tour De Kota a few weeks ago.  Tour de Kota is a week long bicycle tour around the South Eastern Part of South Dakota.  The biggest reason I’m doing this is my friend JC wanted too.  See back in the day JC always did these week long tours and I always thought it would be big fun.  I did my first in 2005, Bike Ride Across Nebraska, and I’ve done one every year since then.  Its like Christmas for me now.  You know when you’re a kid you look forward to Christmas all year, I’m looking forward to next summer’s ride usually in September.

I’m a little worried about this year though. I recently read this book called “Miles from Nowhere” in which a woman rides her bike around the world, I’m going to write a full review of it sometime soon, anyway she writes a whole chapter about how much is sucks to ride a bike across South Dakota.  It literally drove her and her husband to drink.  It sounded awful, imagine riding a full 10 hour day in a straight line and seeing identical hills pass by over and over again.  JC has never steered me wrong though, well except for maybe Colorado but that’s another story all together. 

I’m two weeks and two days away from The 3 State 3 Mountain Century.  I don’t believe I’m fully prepared.  I really need to do a century ride this weekend, I’ve got 4 days off so surely I can make it happen even though rain is forecasted for each day.  If I get a century in I’ll at least know that I can ride that far when I get to Chattanooga.  I’m about 4 pounds away from my weight goal, I think I’m going to make it, and if I don’t, big deal. 

Here some Windows 7 and if you look close youll find a special guest

I installed Windows 7 last night, and I configured my dual 250 GB hard drives in a RAID-0 array, now I feel like a real nerd.  I used a USB drive to install windows and it made for the easiest installation ever.  Every single device on my computer had drivers.  Literally everything, I haven’t loaded a single driver yet and probably won’t.  Installing XP was rocket science compared to this.  It took them seven tries but I think they finally got Windows right.

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Shaundo, Tour De Kota,

  1. Steve says:

    In the TV Series, Take A Seat, the man cycling across America made note of the incredibly straight and boring roads in South Dakota. He did say the Badlands were scenic, but on the whole his impressions were similar to the alcoholic author you mention above. Good luck, buddy!

  2. Happy Birthday Shauna.

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