A Funny Thing Happened and Tech Stuff

Despite strong winds I got in two rides this week, one with Shauna and one without.  There is a funny story to go with the first ride, wanna here it, great here it goes.

We were riding Old 13, which is a section of old highway left behind when the route was moved about half mile and replaced with a nice 4 lane, which makes Old 13 almost completely unused.  About five miles into the ride I needed to pee, and since we were getting close to the hilly section of the ride I cranked hard up some hills leaving Shauna behind and pulling into a secluded power substation located at the top of one of the hills.  There was not a soul around and I was completely sheltered from the road so I didn’t even go find a bush to block the view as I was peeing.  I looked down then looked up and there was an old man standing about 20 feet straight in front of me. He had been standing behind a small building and had stepped out into view.  

I quickly turned around and finished then told the guy I was sorry he had to see that.  He didn’t seem to mind and warned me his wife would be pulling in to pick him up and she couldn’t see with a “shit” so I should really watch out for her.  Well thanks for the advice buddy.

My solo ride is what I call the Golf Course Run, which is essentially a loop around the outskirts of Harrisburg.  My record for this ride is an 18.8 average speed from last July and I wanted to see how I compared.  Now there is a slightly funny story to go with this ride too.  I currently have two computers on my CAAD 9.  One is a Cateye OS, which I will write about one day, essentially Cateye tried to make a computer that was more user-friendly and more like a real computer, it has a great view screen, but unfortunately mine is in French, it took me a long time to figure out how to get the display in English units.  The other computer on my bike is the Polar s725 that records ride data. 

As soon as I started the clock on my time trial I noticed the Cateye computer wasn’t working, but that didn’t matter because the Polar was.  Despite the strong winds I was putting down some impressive speed.  I could still feel the lingering effects of my cold though and I don’t think my body is back to 100% yet.  I finished with a 20 mile per hour average, and was very happy with myself.  Then I started thinking, I never changed the computer over from my mountain bike wheel size when I used it last Sunday.  The 29er mountain bike wheel circumference is 2300mm the road bike is 2100.  So it thinks I went farther and faster than I really did.

The best my records indicate the route is 13 miles, my incorrect computer came up with 13.7 miles.  When I recalculated I came up with a 18.5 average.  Still pretty good for a route with several turns, stop signs, hills, and strong headwinds I think my winter training has paid off.

I had some computer problems this week, my main desktop got some malware, but since I’m running Windows Vista I just booted off the installation disk and let the recovery environment restore my system.  Back when I ran XP I would have probably just reinstalled Windows, which leads me to a new problem.  I’ve been running Vista for 3 years and have never reinstalled it.  I have 3 years worth of bloat on my computer and its starting to show.  incredibly it still works pretty good, good enough where I really don’t want to go to the trouble to install Windows 7. 

I have 2 identical 250GB hard drives that would be perfect to set up in a RAID-0 array to get faster disk access, and I’d really like to go to Windows 7 because it works so well on my tablet.  But then do I go with x32 or x64.  It looks like much of the hassle that used to be finding 64 bit drivers is gone, but I have a few older pieces of software and hardware that probably won’t work in a 64 bit environment.  Mainly the polar program and infrared device that connects with the watch.  I really wish I’d shelled out the cash for a Garmin so I wouldn’t have this problem.

One last thing, I’m thinking of buying a Kindle.

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1 Response to A Funny Thing Happened and Tech Stuff

  1. jc wise says:

    kindle is $114 with ads. just sayin’
    why don’t you use a stopwatch? seems easier and average speed doesn’t tell you anything anyway. you could have stopped for a sammich or something.
    check out autoruns for malware. I’ve had good luck with it. boot into safe mode, run autoruns, clear check marks wherever you see something suspicious, reboot. done!

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