The Godfather, Sick, Recovery, Apprehension

THe Godather of Southern Illinois Mountain Biking Jeff Jones.

Couple of weeks ago on my SUNDAY EAST SIDE RIDE ® we had a trail pow wow when we ran into Jeff Jones out riding his bike.  I think of Jeff as the Godfather because he was one of the first people to ride mountian bikes in the Shawnee and organized the Shawnee Mountain Bike Association.  For many years he ran an organization, produced a newsletter, led countless rides and introduced people, myself included, to the sport of Mountain Biking. 

In the picture you see he’s riding the exact same bike, with the exact same parts that he had the first time I rode with him when I was 16 years old, that was 16 years ago.  He has ridden this bike  alot, it is his only mountian bike.  That to me is really something; I’ve had 8 mountain bikes in the same time that he has had 1 and I’m sure he’s put ten times more miles on that bike then I’ve put on all of mine.  It could be just uncanny good luck, but I’d say his bike’s longivity is due to his fluid riding style. 

Blue Bell Valley

This past Sunday the SUNDAY EAST SIDE RIDE ® was at One Horse Gap and we enjoyed an abundance of Bluebells.  The ride was progressing pretty well for me until about half way then I felt like my legs had very little power.  My heart rate monitor was indicating a pulse of 160, which isn’t that high, but I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath and couldn’t push the pedals.  I suffered up several big climbs and slowed the pace of the ride several times when I had to stop several times.  I was cooked.

Blue Bell Close Up

On the ride home I began feeling sick.  It was as if I could litterally feel a virus subversing the DNA code of cells in my tonsils.  The next morning my throat was killing me and I could harldy swallow.  I felt a little better this morning, the throat was better but a overall feeling of weakness and soreness had sunk into my body.  Tonight I’m feeling better, I think I’ll be good in the morning. 

I’ve had more colds in the last 6 months then I usually have, but they all seem to last only a a couple of days.  I don’t know if riding my guts out caused this one, or the cold caused me to feel like I was riding my guts out?  I definitly didn’t feel as good as I usually do.  I just hope its cleared out by the weekend. 

I’m feeling apprehension about road riding, I’ve got that big ride comming up and I need to go out and get some miles.  Road riding has been very different this yeat then any year before.  Without going into uneccassary detail my usual riding buddies aren’t riding for one reason or another.  The last couple weeks its just been Mom and I.  Which is great because Mom is a super tough rider but I’m thinking to get ready for the 3 state 3 mountain I need to put some torturous days of riding in and I don’t want to put Mom through that.


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One Response to The Godfather, Sick, Recovery, Apprehension

  1. JC Wise says:

    I did Dykersburg late Saterday afternoon and hacked up, oh, I don’t know, a gallon of flem. My glubs are a mess and are in the wash. still on the DL since I feel like I need to hack up a lung.

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