Bottle Cleaning Washing Machine

Here’s a piece of Barn Door investigative journalism.  I’ve been using a very sticky mixture of kool-aid and Perpetuem in my water bottles, that along with mountain biking is leaving them very dirty and sticky.  Will a washing machine get them clean with little effort?  If you’re wondering why I don’t just use the dishwasher its because we don’t have one.

I can report that my bottles came out clean and smelling bleachy fresh.  Due to the amount of energy it takes to wash bottles like this its probably only efficient if you have a pretty big collection of dirty bottles.



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2 Responses to Bottle Cleaning Washing Machine

  1. In the old days, we used a sink and soapy water with a bottle brush. Guess times have changed.

    New note: Koolaid? Never thought of that. With Perputeum? What flavor is best?

  2. Matt Gholson says:

    Yeah Miles soapy water and a brush is so last year. I actually never cleaned bottles before, just rinsed them out. The Koolaid Perputeum mix is tenaciously sticky and needs alot of scrubbing. I’ll post up about it soon.

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