Least Healthy, Losing Weight, Cutting Paper

Slow weight loss

I’ve stayed the course this week when it comes to weight loss.  I got on the scale this morning to find that I’m down a couple pounds from last weekend.  I’ve only missed one morning workout this week and got in an evening workout every night.  Two of which have been walking the bike trail. 

Photoshoping my brains out.

I read an article in the Southern Illinoisian today and found out my wonderful home of Saline County ranks in the bottom 10 of all Counties in Illinois for Health.  Worse then that 6 of the ten are within a short drive all here in Southern Illinois.  I could argue that the study is probably hightly biased by our relatively small population, I could argue it’s done by a bunch of no nothing Northerners who haven’t even set foot in Southern Illinois, but the fact is that I completely accept and agree with the study. 

This is my home town.

I’m surrounded by fat and lazy people who swill booze and smoke like chimnenys.  Many people here are poor, uneducated, lack skills and even a basic will to survive.  They drain their life away on meth, or it pops out of existence like a ballon when they overdose on bath salts.  Yes people here are snifffing bath salts.  If it wasn’t for government assistance many people would be starving, there is little opportunity and the best someone can hope for is a job in the coal mines. 


And yet I can find 15 people who will meet me out in the woods to ride a bike, and my gym has 500 members.  I’ve got friends who are emailing me about warmer weather and getting out to ride, and my wife and I are dedicated to living a more healthy existence.  The best I can do is live right and maybe others will follow. 

Walking the bike trail.

We walked tongiht.

Shauna has found a new past time, cutting paper.  She bought a Cricut machine and is having a ball cutting up all kinds of stuff for scrap booking and cards.  My first thought was, “If it makes you happy,” but then I realized I could use it to cut vinyl stickers, AWESOME.  Might make some Team Barn Door Stickers. 

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4 Responses to Least Healthy, Losing Weight, Cutting Paper

  1. Dayle says:

    Kudos to you on the healthy living! I’m working on that myself. I recently quit smoking and am now headed down my own slow and steady path of weight loss!

  2. JC Wise says:

    lady at work has one. she made me a “JC is awsome(sic)” thingie. I tormented her by not calling it a “cricket” but a “CREE-cut”. small joys.

  3. Steve says:

    The guy on the tractor at the drive thru is awesome!!!

    It takes all kinds, I guess. If you think your area is bad, you could always live in Alabama. Your county’s stats would probably make you look like health nuts next to that region.

  4. Awesome Photoshop photo up there! Very cool and moody.

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