VeloNews Rocks!

This is real honest to God Journalism!

I’ve made fun of bicycling magazine in the past for what I feel is an over abundance of fluff.  Now lets look at something a bit more positive.  I was browsing at Barnes and Noble this weekend and came across the newest issue of VeloNews.  Look at this cover.  I mean click the thumbnail and really look at this. 

They’ve built a testing rig that measures Torsional stiffness under a pedaling load.  That is awesome.  They review 4 bikes over 8 pages and offer wind tunnel tests, the stiffness test, and subjective rider tests.  This is what I want to see in a bike review.  They actually did something instead of write some nonsense about buttery smooth handling and a magical ride all day formula.  Check this out, “When I was a mechanic for Team CSC in 2006, I told Cervelo they should make a zero-setback seatpost.”  This review was written by someone who was a Protour team mechanic.  I’d say he knows a thing or two about bikes. 

Granted, the cheapest bike they reviewed was 4,900 dollars and I’ll likely never spend that much on any bike, but a nearly identical bike, although a bit heavier and less blinged out, can probably be bought for less than half of that.  Besides the best bike reviews I’ve ever read, this issue includes great articles like a historical look at the Spring Classics and an article explaining how American and English teams have come to dominate the European peloton. 

VeloNews is a magazine for people who like racing bikes, or fat guys like me who like reading about people who race bikes.  In my opinion it’s the best bike magazine there is.


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One Response to VeloNews Rocks!

  1. rlhoover says:

    Yes. Bike mags have their place. On the flight home from a family reunion in Florida, I told my wife that I wanted the recent issue of CycleSport to read on the plane. She found it and the flight home was over in no time. I loved the British humor and my wife told me that she had not seen me laugh that much for years. A good bike mag can keep me motivated during horrible weather.

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