Drat, foiled

I’ve been planning a ride in my head all day at work, I was thinking of  80, maybe even a 100.  I was goting to get up, get on my bike at daylight and ride all day.  I was going to tell my wife I’d get home when I get home and not to worry about it.  I was going take my Nashbar Touring Bike which I recently put an extremely short and high stem on, and just cruise.  I was going to take some money and stop somewhere for lunch in another town.  In short I was going to have a nice day. 

Then I just looked at the weather and found out its going to be mid 30s and raining tommorow.  So I guess I’ll ride the trainer, or maybe the couch.


About Matt Gholson

Cycling, school teaching, husband.
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3 Responses to Drat, foiled

  1. Ondrew says:

    Feeling for ya man. Did a century last Sunday at 3c now there is snow again and -7c in Toronto. Got the Spring fever itch. It’s killin me.

  2. tracywilkins says:

    Yep…here in Missouri, it started raining this morning as we headed out to run about 6:45 and has rained pretty steadily all morning. It’s 12:39 now, and it’s just stopped for the first time. Tomorrow’s temps are only calling for a high of 41, so I’m guessing I’ll be nappin’ instead of riding.

  3. Steve says:

    Winter isn’t letting go easily, is it? We’ve had an easy season as far as snow fall goes, but the temps have been rough. Soon – very soon – we’ll be on our way!

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