Weekend Update, with Matt Gholson

Hi, its been a week of ups and downs so I thought I’d catch you up on them.

Matt got sick:  I woke up Monday with a slight sore throat, Tuesday I had that feeling that I get when I know I’m getting sick, like my head is swimming, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I was sick.  It wasn’t a real bad cold, more annoying than anything, but it had to effect of making really tired, so tired I couldn’t even blog about it.  This morning I woke up without a sore throat, I think I’m getting better. 

Matt got sore:  I don’t know if had something to do with being sick and continuing to exercise but I got sore, not “Oh My God  I can’t move I’m sore,” just “Oh man I’m stiff sore.”  This is not really noteworthy except part of the story that goes with it.  I did a tough gym workout Wednesday, a tough trainer workout Thursday, then I raced an 8th grade basketball player Friday.  I had raced this kid before when he was wore out and exhausted after practice, one single down and back sprint.  I gave him a 2 second head start and won.  Friday I challenged him to a lap around the track at school, it looked like I had it in the bag, but halfway through I ran out of air and barely finished about 100 feet behind him.  Maybe it was my Doc Martins or completely failure to warm up?  but I was super sore Friday night on top of the soreness I already had from Wednesday and Thursday.  I am still sore today.

Matt signed up for the 3 state 3 mountain Challenge:  I finally did it, I’ve been thinking about signing up for this ride for about 5 years.  I finally feel like I’m ready to go, I have no doubt I could have finished the ride in the last 5 years, but I know I would have suffered like a dog.  I’ll probably still suffer like a dog, but it I’ll at least be able to say I tried my hardest to get ready for it.  Special thanks to Miles for giving me a heads up when the price was about to rise.

SHauna's bike with drop bars, now they're history.

Shauna got flat bars:  About a month ago I switched Shauna’s bike to road bike drop bars because she wanted to try something different.  They didn’t work out too well and after several trainer rides and a few outdoor rides I put some flatbars back on for her.  We rode yesterday and she did much better.  I even went as far as to get her a bell, as Sheryl Crow says, “It if makes you happy.”   Attention JC, please save you’re “I told you so,” until I’m right about something so I can hit you back with one, yeah I know it could be awhile. 

Dad gave up on SRAM:  Dad has been messing with SRAM Rival components for a while now, it has been one long hassle.  He’s tried many things to get them shifting right, different cables, housings, routing, derailleurs and all sorts of things to get them to shift well and nothing has changed.  Its not in his head because I found it hard to actually push the paddle hard and far enough to get the chain on the big ring.  The final straw was when the levers started popping out of their mounts from pushing to hard, apparently something that’s supposed to happen to keep them from breaking off.  HE sent them back to performance and upgraded to Ultegra. 

SRAM’s bike claim to fame is doubletap, which puts up and down shifts on one paddle.  Push in one click and you get an up shift, push in two clicks and yet a get a downshift.  I have yet to understand how that is better than Shimano’s two lever system.  I only rode the bike a few times but found it really annoying to push the lever farther to get a upshift.  Shimano’s system works better and is easier to use.

A little photoshop intensification

We rode outside:  It’s warming up, yesterday was in the 50s and today it may 70 degrees.  It was a beautiful sunny day, but windy.  Mom Dad and I did a 50 miler, several hills, one tough one.  Yesterday I rode with Shauna, we did 32 miles and she did much better on her flat bars.  I really enjoyed getting out and climbing familiar hills and riding with wind in my face, makes the trainer seem inhumane.  With the coming time change I’ll be able to get many more outdoor rides in.

Matt found a fun game:  I used to spend lots of time playing computer games, anymore I don’t have the interest or patience, but every now and again I stumble across something unique that gets my attention.  Minecraft is a 3D survival game that creates a world of Lego like blocks and allows you to destroy anything in the game and rebuild it however you like.  The twist is at night monsters come out and try to kill you.  You have to spend the days collecting rare blocks and crafting them into items that will help you survive the nights along with building up a shelter to keep you safe from the zombies.  It looks simple but it’s actually really complex.

Well that’s all for now, thanks for reading and have a nice day.


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3 Responses to Weekend Update, with Matt Gholson

  1. Steve says:

    That 3 in 3 ride looks like a good one! I’m already signed up for a ride in Richmond that weekend, else I might have given it a go. I’ve driven past Lookout Mountain. It’s a tall mountain. Good luck!

  2. JC Wise says:

    I would say your dad downgraded to Ultegcrap. I’ve never had a moments trouble on my Rivals. I hated the shimano tiagra’s. the double tap is more of a slight push longer push.

  3. Matt Gholson says:

    All I know is that that my new Shimano R-700 shifters are the smoothest, best shifting levers I’ve ever used, they are supposed to be Ultegra quality, but cheaper. I must not have long enough fingers to doubletap because I couldn’t push the lever far enough to change gears.

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