Saving money buying stuff

I have a bad habit of picking out expensive items I want; cameras, bikes, computers, mp3 players, all kinds of stuff.  I also don’t like parting with my money, but like every other blue blooded American I love a good deal.  My buddy told me in America its not how much you spend but how much you save and I’m the king of savings. 

I have pirated extremely expensive software programs that I’ve never even fathomed using becasue I can say I saved 4000 dollars when I got my copy of AutoCAD.  I bought a 5000 dollar camera for 300 dollars because its old and has some, “minor wear,”  I like telling people that my Cannondale CAAD9’s frame is identical to the one that costs 3000 dollars, and just recently I bought a 8 year old mp3 player.  In short I am an idiot. 

yes, it looks just like a casette player.

Some of my younger readers may be surprised that they had mp3 players back then, well the Creative Nomad Zen Jukebox Xtra was one of the early models.  If you’ve never heard of the Creative Nomad Zen Jukebox Xtra, its probably becasue they no longer make mp3 players.  With a name like Creative Nomad Zen Jukebox Xtra its a wonder they weren’t able to compete with the so singularly named ipod.

See in 2003 my friend moved back from serving 6 years in the Navy, he was all the world travler and he had a 30GB ipod.  This was when owning a mp3 player was a rarity and people were hiding their white earbuds in cities to keep from being mugged for the device.  Of course they costs like 500 dollars so you can see why someone might want hide it.  

I really wanted a mp3 player but refused to purchase anything made by Apple, its a long standing commitment I’ve made that I’ll stand by, so I found the Zen Xtra somewhere and saw that it was cheaper then the ipod and more importantly not made by Apple.  Of course it was still 400 dollars so it was way out of my reach.  I opted for a 1GB RIO Nitrus from Wal-Mart.  RIO hapens to be another out-of-business mp3 player company, so that goes to show that having a short catchy name doens’t guarentee success. 

Now 8 years later I just happen to get on ebay to look at mp3 players and see someone selling a Zen Xtra for 35 dollars.  I couldn’t resist, my current player, A Sandisk 8GB E-280 is having some problems and likes to shut its self off it you touch it the wrong way, and several of the songs on the Hard Drive have become corrupted. 

It's thick

So this new, old mp3 player is about the size of 4 of my Sandisks, it has a black and white screen instead of color, it can’t show movies or photos, and it can’t charge through the USB port.  It doses have almost 4 times as much storage space, a very easy to replace battery, and most importantly fulfills a longstanding need I’ve had since 2003.  Besides, I never once watched a movie or looked at photos on my mp3 player.


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