New Winter Workout Clothes

Drinking some coffee in my new winter attire.

So I’ve never been much on clothes.  I’ve never cared too much what’s in style and brand the tag says, in fact I’ve purposely avoided any item of clothing that turns me into a walking billboard, and I prefer to buy things second hand, have them given to me, or just find them laying around.

I’ve been jogging in the morning and finding that my cheapo Wal-mart sweat pants weren’t cutting it.  They’re too baggy, but more importantly the only way I could keep them up was tying the drawstring very tight.  The drawstring is sewn into the back of the pants instead of continuously running around the waist and I snapped it out on two pairs.  I decided I needed some better pants for my jogging.

We went to Kohls which is the kind of place I’d normally stay out of, but I figured they might have something kind of cheap.  I found some 40 dollar Nike sweat pants on sale for 24 bucks.  My wife wasn’t too happy about me spending 24 dollars on a pair of sweat pants, but when I explained to her how badly I needed them she gave in.

I also bought a burnt orange jacket, that was priced at 70 dollars and on sale for 25.  It’s similar to some riding jackets I’ve seen and I thought it would be great for my sub freezing mountain bike rides and jogs.  It has nice pockets and a much trimmer fit them my other jackets.

So far the Nike pants are perfect, they are warmer, more comfortable and most importantly stay up with just a little tension on the drawstring.  Despite the cost I consider them a good investment.

The jacket has one small problem, it’s too warm.  On the first mountain bike ride I took it on last Sunday, I had to stop the group after the second big climb and strip off to a light undershirt and a jacket.  I was burning up and it was 28 degrees.  In the mornings when I walk I’m very warm and comfortable, when  I jog I start to sweat and end up unzipping it.  I may have to go back to my lighter jacket or maybe move somwhere colder.  All in all it’s an awesome jacket for the money and it holds in heat like nothing I’ve ever worn.



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3 Responses to New Winter Workout Clothes

  1. Steve says:

    Very suave. Traditionally, I’ve been very much of the same mindset as you and tend to frequent the Walmarts of the the world. Lately, I’ve come to the conclusion that the phrase, “You get what you pay for” is not entirely without merit. Cheap discount store clothes tend to wear out quickly, not fit right, or simply underperform. Spending a little more money on some better gear is often to my advantage. The trick is figuring out the line between higher quality and simply a more famous label!

  2. Move to a colder climate. You look awesome in the jacket. I always say, don’t raise the bridge, lower the water.

  3. I agree with Steve. When it comes to clothes for fitness goals, spending a little more often means you’ll get better quality clothes. I love my Pearl Izumi cycling gear. Not as expensive as Castelli, but it works just as well. 🙂

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