2010 Is In The Books

Christmas Eve Morning at Harrisburg IL.

It’s Christmas Eve morning and we’re going to have a white Chirstmas, just check out how white it is out there.  Bing is going to be thrilled.

This blog was created exactly one year ago today, the original name was going to be Well Worn Reviews and I was going to write reviews of things I had completely worn out.  I was going write my reviews from a fat cyclist’s perspective.  You might noticed that while I had the idea in December I didn’t actually get started until April, where I eventually changed the name to Barn Door Cycling and had a more broad focus. 

Since 2010 is nearly over and the blog is techincally one year old today I thought, what a great day for a end of the year report. 

My best month of cycling ever.

Let’s start off with some statstics.

  • I rode 4348.35 miles this year, but due to my less then zealous book keeping it could somewhat less or more, probably more.
  • I rode 747.35 miles in June, making it my highest month, but I’m more proud of July where I rode 24 times.
  • I lost about 35 pounds this year, all between January to August, I’ve gained a few pounds of that back over the holidays which sucks, but last year I gained about 20 pounds over winter so I’m doing pretty good.
  • The blog has had 5253 hits so far.
  • The most popular page on the Blog is my review of Boy Racer, Mark Cavendish’s book, it has 348 hits, my write up and pictures of the Great Egyptian Omnium were second, and my review of Cycling Anatomy was third, comming in 4th is my guide to avoiding saddle sores which I’m really happy to see becasue it may be the most usefull thing I’ve written.
  • I’ve written 127 posts and had 124 comments

So what are some highs from 2010?

  • Starting this blog, but even more is actually keeping up with the blog.  I’m famous for starting things, getting decent at them and quitting.  Maybe I haven’t got decent at blogging yet?
  • Following a few other folks riding adventures on their blogs.
  • Riding GOBA was a major highlight.
  • Losing weight was a major highlight, but I’ve still got a long way to go. 
  • Fixing my saddle sore problem has been very beneficial.
  • My wife getting into riding has been a big highlight, Its great that she now wants to share in my favorite lesuire activity
  • I’ve gotten back into moutain biking and been riding with some great folks from the www.smbatrails.com forums. 

Some lows for 2010

  • The fact that our bike club died.  I don’t honestly know what’s up with the club, but I haven’t heard a peep from it in a while so it’s probably dead. 
  • I stopped losing weight around the time that school started, I know why and I have yet to do anything about it.  After Christmas break I’m going to fix it.
  • I skipped out on lots of organized rides in the area.  I should be less of a tight wad and support area charity rides.  I also need to do more organized rides outside the area, like the 3 state 3 mountain.

So many more highs then lows, no crahses or injuries, lots of big successes, I think its safe to say that 2010 was my best year ever, at least as far as cycling is conserned.

Goals for 2011,

yeah I’m not big on goals but I’ve been thinking of a few things. 

  • I’d like to weigh 220 or less by May 1st.  That gives me 4 months to lose about 25 pounds.  Should be a piece of cake.
  • I’d like to ride the 3 state 3 mountain challenge, which is on May 1st, do the 100 mile option and complete it before it gets dark. 
  • I’d like to ride a little more miles then I did this year, maybe 4500.
  • I’d like to keep up with Jason one day while riding GOBA
  • I’d like to do a self supported touring ride with Shauna on my touring bike next year.
  • I’d like to keep up the blog, do a better job proof reading it, and do a little more to promote it.
  • I’d like to branch out, read more blogs and make more connections with other bloggers.

Well that’s my 2010 in a nutshell.  Thanks for following along with me, it was awesome writing this blog and even better having a steadily growing audiance to share it with.  May all of your rides be graced with smooth roads and tailwinds.


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One Response to 2010 Is In The Books

  1. martinsj2 says:

    Well done and thank you very much for entertaining reading and great advice. Merry Christmas!

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