Nashbar Touring Frame cont.

The Nashbar touring frame is ready to be built, and despite the way it looks it's not on fire.

The fork showed up for the Nashbar Touring frame today.  I ordered the stuff on Dec 5, got the frame and wheel on December 10th, those two items were shipped FedEx because they were oversized.  I recieved the other items today December 22nd, they were shipped Smartpost.  I’m convinced Smartpost has got to be slowest way to ship something possible.  FedEx delievers it to the postal service and they deliver it to you.  Nashbar has got some slow shipping, this is not the first time they’ve shipped something really slow. 

On a side note that fork is steel, and very heavy, it weighs more then the frame, I’m guessing around 4 pounds.  I’m glad I want this bike to be stout!  No more excuses or waiting I’ve got to get started building.  Stay tuned.


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5 Responses to Nashbar Touring Frame cont.

  1. tracywilkins says:

    Let us know how the build goes. I’ve not seen a lot of info about those Nashbar frames, but I think you’ll like the steel frame. I really kind of prefer my steel Surly commuter over my Giant carbon road bike. They’re really two different animals when it comes to ride and comfort.

  2. Matt Gholson says:

    The frame is aluminum, I wish it was steel, I’ve never broken a steel frame, but I’ve broke several aluminum ones. It seems pretty well built though.

    I’m getting the parts together now, I just got brakes and a headset from my dad, I’m going to start building it and post videos after christmas.

    My friend has a Surly LHT and thinks its the best bike ever.

  3. Peter Vieira says:

    I read elsewhere that Nasbar’s published dimensions for this frame are a bit “off.” I see you have a 58cm, and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind providing accurate measurements for the head tube length, effective top tube length, and seat tube length (both C to C, and C to the top of the seat tube extension). A search for “Nashbar Touring Frame” lead me here, I’ve bookmarked you and look forward to your build-up.

    • Matt Gholson says:

      I measured my frame and all my measurements match the specs Nashbar gives.

      Top Tube length is 59cm C-C, I can’t measure the effective top tube length yet since I don’t have wheels on the bike, I think it wil be the same because I’m pretty sure this bike will have a level top tube.

      Seat tube is 52 C-C and 58 C-T

      Headtube is 145mm

  4. Peter Vieira says:

    Ah, glad I asked. I wasn’t sure if Nashbar’s “Frame size C/T” referred to the top surface of the top tube (which is what it used to mean in the days that I worked in bike shops), or the end of the frame’s seat tube–which is a goofy way to indicate a frame size, methinks. If I controlled the universe, frames sizes would be indicated by two numbers: seat tube center of BB to center of top tube, and effective top tube length (making this frame a “52/59”).

    Thanks for taking the measurements for me. I plan to buy the same frame and fork, and will detail the build on my own blog. I’ll post a link to your build as well. Fair warning: no one reads my blog.

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