Nashbar Touring Bike and Mavic Wheel

Nashbar Touring Frame

I’ve got me a new project for the winter season, I’m going to build a touring bike from this Nasbar touring frame.  The Nashbar frame and fork cost 130 together, I doubt I could find a better deal anywhere else, even on an old used frame. 

An actual touring frame is hard to find and the Nashbar has braze ons for pretty much everything.  It has the long wheelbase and critical long chainstays to fix my heel strike problem.

If you go back to my August posts you can read about Shauna and my little mini touring trip and how I rigged up a Schwinn Peleton to use for touring.  The bike worked, but it wasn’t really a touring bike, I’ll have no excuse to do some loaded touring this summer.

On the opposite side of the coin is a Mavic Kysrium Equipe front wheel.  I bought a Kysrium Elite rear wheel mid summer when my old back wheel bit the dust.  I’ve been running a traditional 32 spoke wheel on the front, without any problems I might add, but when Dad told me how good of a deal they had on the Kysrium Equipe wheel, (90$) I couldn’t pass it up, which led to my purchase of the Nashbar frame as well.  I more detailed review of the wheels will follow.

In unrelated news it rained today keeping me off my bikes and shoving head first in my car for a nightmare Christimas shopping trip.  I am not ashamed to say I can’t stand Christmas anymore.  I enjoy the get togethers and meals, I hate the insidious gift giving, the antaganizing music, the crowds, and the stress.  Maybe if we were able to have kids I would enjoy it more, but right now I wish it would go away.


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