Mountain biking at night

Did some mountain biking tonight, this is my second night ride in as many weeks.  For years me and JC talked about mountain biking at night and how insane it would be.  Its still kind of insane, but not nearly as bad as I thought.  First the pace is a bit slower which helps me out some, even though I was near the front most of the time tonight.  Secondly with enough people and lights seeing isn’t a problem.  Sure its cold and dark, but if you’re going to ride throughout the week during winter you’re going to ride in the cold and dark. 

We had 8 people on the ride tonight and a couple of them were newer mountain bikers and newer then me, I’m usually the youngest person on any ride so that was a nice change of pace.  We went to Eagle Mountain and rode the ridge road, which I isn’t actually a road by any standard defintion of the the term.  We got in about 2 hours and for the two of us from Harrisburg it was more riding time then driving, I think everyone else spent more time driving to the ride then actually riding, I’ve got to respect that.

For photographic evidence I took my dSLR and set the film speed up to 3200, with my IS lens I was able to take a few pictures in the dark, though they are blury and grainy.


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3 Responses to Mountain biking at night

  1. martinsj2 says:

    Very interesting pics. I’m nervous riding on asphalt paths at night. I can’t imagine riding on trails. You must have very good lights!

  2. Matt Gholson says:

    Our lights are good it definitly helps to have a group for the light spillover. Thanks for the comments, these pics stretched the limits of my Canon 10D. 3200 ISO, I went with my IS lens which only stops down to 4.5 but allows me to handhold at 1/10th of a second with just a little blur. I could have probably made better pictures with my 50mm f1.8 lens and 1/60th of a second. The motion blur wouldn’t have happened, but no matter what you’re going to get tons of grain and noise at ISO 3200, maybe not on a newer model though.

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