Motion M1400 Tablet PC update

Motion M1400 with convertible keyboard.

I’ve recently bought a couple of things for my Motion M1400 Tablet.  I got a convertible keyboard/stand/hardcover.  What I love about this ingenious thing is that it does three separate jobs in one.  When I got my M1200 it came with a easel, keyboard, and Cover, all separate, yeah they all work but its three separate things.  This kills 3 birds with one hunk of plastic. 

I took a photograph and used photoshop to make this image completely on my tablet. It worked great!

Side view of the motion convertable keyboard.

As a cover it is about 3 times as thick as the orignal which is still pretty small, and you can feel the extra weight, but its not a problem.  The keyboard is small but I can type on it, though I prefer my widely spaced desktop keyboard.  It includes a pointer but not a touchpad which is OK because I hate touchpads, and it’s a tablet.  The easel part of the keyboard does a fantastic job holding the unit up, I was surprised how well the lightweight cover holds steady the relatively heavier Tablet.  I got this used from ebay for 25 dollars and it doesn’t have a scratch on it.

The profile of the Motion convertible keyboard. Little bit thicker but not bad.

I also bought a battery, a cheap Chinese knock off, from ebay for 44 dollars.  The battery that came with the M1400 reported that it would last for nearly 3 hours but would in truth be lucky to go for an hour.  This battery is identical looking to the OEM version, but it didn’t fit very well.  I had to take a pocket knife and trim the plastic down.  I think I’ve got it fitting well.  I’ve bought cheap Chinese batteries for cameras and almost always they need a little something to actually work right, but it’s better than spending 4 times as much for the official battery. 

My home network, I've got 5 computers at the moment.

So I’ve had a Tablet PC for a few months now and I’ve learned what it really works well at and what it’s best to avoid. 

  • As I said in a previous post it makes an excellent comic book reader, much more comfortable than trying to read them on a desktop.
  • With the tall format it makes an excellent notepad.  I’ve used it for jotting down ideas several times.
  • I have yet to read any full sized books, but I have read several articles and I have downloaded a few e-books to it to read as soon as I finish the paperback I’m currently reading.
  • I’ve used the tablet many times in class to do powerpoint presentations, the ability to write on the screen makes powerpoint much more useful.  Even more useful is the ability to demonstrate drawing techniques to the class.  It’s so much better than trying to draw on the white board or use a piece of paper.
  • I’ve used as a web browser while on the go, and at home in the living room while watching TV.  For example we’re watching a movie last night and Shauna was sure she knew one of the characters, the tablet was setting there so I looked it up.
  • I used both Sketchpad and Photoshop to create art, both have worked well though with photoshop there is noticeable lag when compared to my powerful desktop.  Drawing on the notepad is second nature now.
  • What hasn’t worked all that well is text input.  Even though Windows 7 handwriting recognition is much better then its predecessors I’ve come to find writing stuff out by hand is not so great if you eventually want it to become text. 
  • I haven’t used to watch video, I thought I would, but I always opt for a larger screen.
  • I tried playing games on it, and the few I have played haven’t worked out that well.  It just doesn’t have the power for that.

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4 Responses to Motion M1400 Tablet PC update

  1. Ron Rosenfeld says:

    I’ve got an M1400 also that I’d like to replace the HDD with an SSD. But when I remove those six screws from the metal bracket over the HDD, the bracket still seems to be stuck in place and does not come free. What am I missing?

    I guess you didn’t have any trouble with the PATA connector, although when I called Motion about that some years ago, I was told the connnector was “proprietary”.


  2. Matt Gholson says:

    You may have to pry on it a bit, but very carefully. Mine came out without any hassle. The cable has a standard 2.5 HD connector, but you can’t buy a replacement if you break it and it doesn’t look too tough.

  3. Ron Rosenfeld says:

    OK, I’ll try prying a little more forcefully. I was worried that either there was another screw that I wasn’t seeing; or that the metal bracket and drive came out as one piece.


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