Matt and his puppet.

I stick my picture on this blog often enough, and you might notice that I’m not usually wearing glasses, but here I am in this picture not riding my bike wearing glasses.  Hmmm…  See I’ve had an eyeglass perscription for like 10 years.  I got through college unable to read half of what the instructors wrote on the board, didn’t seem to hurt much, but when I failed my eye test at the DMV I had no choice but to get glasses. 

I wore them occasionly, and eventually stopped all together, but a couple of years ago I started wearing them more.  Now I wear them all time time except when riding.  I don’t know why I don’t wear them riding.  My vision problem is far away, or nearsightedness, so sometimes when I’m riding I can spend several minutes trying to figure out if that object in the distance is another rider, mailbox, or a spot on the road.  It makes the time go faster.

Well now that I wear them everyday I’ve got to that point where without them everything seems wrong, especially in stores.  Friday at school I was teaching my class and a lens fell out of my glasses because a screw had fallen out.  I thought, no big deal, I don’t need these.  Right after that hour I was down at the nurses station looking for an eyeglass repair kit.  I couldn’t function without them. 

Moral of the story, check the screws in glasses on a regular basis.


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One Response to Glasses

  1. Anyone who ever thought you had a screw loose has now had their suspicions confirmed.

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