Winter Training with Shaundo

Here we are riding our trainers, well at least one is ours, I’ve got to return Dad’s pretty soon.  We just completed a 35 minute spinerval workout. 

Here’s a quick guide to getting the most out of winter indoor training.

  • Leave your bike ready to go, maybe a junky ol spare.
  • Try to get others to enjoy the suffering with, suffering is much less sufferish when you suffer with another.
  • Have some kind of routine, find a spin class routine online, spinerval or related video, or some race footage, anything to make the time go faster. 
  • I find if I watch a non cycling video program I start focusing on the video and find myself doing almost no work, but music keeps me moving.
  • Winter training is a good time to mess with that Heart Rate monitor that is nearly useless most of the time. 
  • Tell yourself how much  suffering you will avoid at the begining of next season by  keeping in shape over the winter.

By the way, that shirt used to fit me. 

Here I am in 2007 at Townsend TN. on vacation and wanting to ride a bike.

About Matt Gholson

Cycling, school teaching, husband.
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