I got you’re black ops right here.

Before tonight’s riveting  post I need to ask for advice.  Shauna and I want to take a SPRING BASE MILES CAMP vacation this March.  Yeah I know it’s kind of early to be thinking about it, but I’m a teacher we’ve got so many breaks and vacations you’ve really got to plan ahead to keep up with em.  We want to go somewhere warm and ride good roads with a mix of hilly and flat terrain.  Any ideas?

I teach Jr. High kids, right now the only thing some of them can think about is playing the new Call of Duty game, Black Ops.  I played the first Call of Duty game on computer many years ago which was set in WW2 and I remember being pretty pumped about it, even though I got like 14 frames per second and it looked like crap.  Multiply my excitement by 100 and throw in some online play so everyone’s excitement feeds off each other and you can see why these boys are glued to their screens. 

I am much too mature to spend my time playing video games, I prefer playing with real toy soldiers, which I haven’t figured out how to do online yet so me and Shaundo plugged up our lights and went out to ride the rail trail tonight for some Black Ops of our own.  The catalyst for the ride was the warm temperatures, it was 74 degrees when we left.  It might had something to do with the South wind,  it was fierce, like 15 mph with 25 mph gusts.  We started off right into it and I was in my 39-27 going about 7 miles per hour and feelin’ the burn! 

It started to sprinkle and I offered to turn around but to my surprise Shauna said she wanted to go one, so we did our 13 mile ride, and got poured on near the end but it was all good, got the tailwind on the way back and I’m feeling like I got a workout.


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