Hammer Review

Hammer Perpetuem

Early this riding season I bought some Hammer perpetuem and anti-fatigue supplements. I have used both products on almost every long rides I’ve done.  I can’t give any can concrete evidence or data about how these products affected my performance but I can give a reasonable review of how I think they worked out.

Perpetuem is an endurance fuel designed for the long haul.  It has protein, fat and they claim that it could be you’re primary fuel source during a ride.  I found that on longer rides with perpetuem I would be less hungry, and less likely to feel drained near the end.  This past weekend I did a 4 hour ride without Perpetuem and found that I was more hungry during the ride and much more hungry after the ride.

Many people have commented to me they don’t like the chalky flavor of certain endurance fuels.  I’ve tried the orange flavor and found the taste a little chalky, but overall very pleasant.  It’s not a real strong flavor, even if mixed very strong.  The price is a bit steep but for me using this stuff once a week it wasn’t bad and I feel like I got my money’s worth. 

Perpetuem doesn’t provide electrolytes, Hammer would have you using either heed or endurolytes for that, but a cheapskate like me sticks with gatorade, which by the way I readily mixed with my perptuem for better taste.  My only problem is the stickiness of the drink.  My waterbottles and bike need extra cleaning because the dried perpetuem tenaciously sticks.  It manages to foul up my shifting nearly everytime I use it as it runs down the tubes and collects near the bottom bracket cable slide.  A few squirts of water usually free up the sticky cables.  This isn’t really a knock against the product, I should be more careful.

Hammer anti-fatgiue

The other product I’ve used is Anti-Fatigue caps, and again when giving my review of the product I have no real concrete evidence to prove anything, all I can say is how I felt using it, compared to not using it.  On the days that I’ve used Anti-Fatigue Caps I seem to have a strong second, then third wind of energy.  Late in the ride I find myself attacking hills and climbing them twice while my buddies are just eager to get over them.

Anti-Fatigue Caps are suppose to be amonia scavangers, which means that they clean up the mess made in your legs after a massive workload.  It seems like it works to me.  I can also state that around the time I started using Perpetuem and Anti-Fatigue caps I felt better after the longer rides then I have in the past.  I had less muscle soreness, less fatigue and less headache.    

So the bottom line, would I spend the money for more Hammer fuel and supplements in the future, yeah probably.  I think especially the perpetuem for longer rides is a very good idea and I’m certain I’ll buy more.  The Anti-Fatigue caps, I’m not so sure, they are expensive and while I do believe they work, I’m not sure if they are worth the cost.  If I do buy more I’ll use them only on the most difficult rides and try to make them last. 

If I was a compteteive cyclist who was actually racing I think Hammer fuel and supplements would be a no brainer.  For a guy like me it may be overkill.


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2 Responses to Hammer Review

  1. Rob G. Landes says:

    There are some electrolytes in Perpetuem. 36mg of Calcium, 220 of sodium, 120 of potassium and 110 mcg of chromium. Even a little manganese and magnesium. That being said it is still a good idea to use supplemental Endurolytes especially if it is really warm. Did you know that Perpetuem will soon be available in Strawberry-Vanilla flavor? Hammer is also introducing “Perp” in a solid. Dunaway thinks this will be the berries. It will be a a nice option for those hot long rides when sipping on a drink with protein in it is not appealing. Starting November 8th and running through December 17th all Hammer Nutrition Supplements and Fuels will be 15% off. Rob

    • Matt Gholson says:

      Thanks Rob,

      Thanks for the correction, I was thinking back about what I read in the past when I wrote that and I didn’t want to start doing something like actually fact checking my articels LOL. But I do remember the guide saying something about using Heed or Endorolytes with Perpetuem.

      I’m going to have to get in on your Holiday sale and restock some of that strayberry flavor Perpetuem, and I defintly would perfer a solid, or at least my sticky bike would!

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