Motion M1400 My New Toy

Motion Tablet M1400 ready to be upgraded

Download M1400 Windows 7 Drivers and video fix

So I bought this TabletPC awhile back And have really Come to like it. I liked it So much I bought another one, this one is a little newer, its a Motion M1400 and it is much better than the M1200.

I added a gig of RAM to the system for a total It 1.5 Gigs

I have added a 120 gig hard drive and a gig of RAM. I bought this newer Tablet so I could run Windows 7. So far I am not dissappointed.

Updating the Motion was simple it takes 200 pin DDR RAM, and a standard 2.5 IDE PATA hard drive.  Be very slow and careful disconnecting the hard drive because I think the cable would break very easily.   I wish it had a SATA connection and it would be cheaper to add a SSD hard drive that would make this computer super fast.

I’ve replaced the Hard Drive with a Western Digital Scorpio 120

windows 7 ran fine on this thing with 512 MB of RAM. I couldn’t believe how smooth it is. I’ve heard good things but when an old computer can run a new OS better than the one it was made for that’s really something.  I’ll be upgrading my Main Computer soon.

Besides running much smoother win7 has Way better hardwriting recognition. I have written this post out by hand and it actually turned it to type.

Windows7 running on the Motion M1400 with everything feature working like screen rotation.

The M1400 wasn’t intended to ever run Windows 7 but reading a few posts and downloading a driver pack made it possible.  Some smart dedicated people figured out how to get around a few driver problems and thanks to them this old computer feels like it’s brand new.

If a person had interest in the ipad they would be will served to check out the many options available in Tablet PCs.

M1400 being used for its Intended purpose, reading Comic books!

Its really good at it too!

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35 Responses to Motion M1400 My New Toy

  1. ziggynj24 says:


    Thanks for the useful post; after reading your post I immediately grabbed my M1400 and began upgrading it to windows 7. You’re right, it works surprisingly well with Windows 7! The handwriting recognition is so much better, and surprisingly it does run more smoothly than it did in windows XP tablet–a testament to the new windows 7 programming.

    The only trouble I’m having is in getting the proper drivers so that I can change the screen orientation. Apparently I’m not as resourceful as you are as I have been unable to find the instructions you followed to download the proper drivers. I was hoping, if you still know where you got them, that you’d be able to let me know where to find the instructions to get screen orientation properly working. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Mike says:

    Me too! Drivers? Please?

  3. tomas says:

    Hi Matt!
    It will totally be awesome if you still have those drivers. I’ve been scavenging around and found no luck. I can’t fix my video driver problem… my m1400 runs on windows7 as well..

    no rotation and poor video quality and playback…

    I hope you can help us!


  4. C.A.H. Cijntje says:

    Hello Matt,
    I just got mine from Ebay this week and apart from the orientation and the 82855gme display drivers being exclamation marked, everything else works fine. (As far as I can tell after fiddling with it for a day.) The newest 855gme driver I could find was, not compatible with DIrect X of course. Most driver links, all years old, have also been pulled down. Which driver are you using? I am also using the LE1700 Dashboard driver (5031). Should I be using another one?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Matt Gholson says:

      You have to search for the correct video driver and then make a small change to get it to work right. Search for win7 on Motion m1400 and you’ll find it.

  5. Matthew says:

    What is the stand you are using for yours? I got mine off criagslist for $40!!! It was mint perfect condition with nearly a new battery, same keyboard you have and the motion computing external dvd drive. Though no docking or any kind of stand. Also where did you get the stand

  6. Matt Gholson says:

    I’m using the easel stand that came with my m1200. It’s extremely simple, just a plastic easel, with rubber feet that says motion on it. If I were you I’d get the keyboard cover, it’s a little thicker then the standard screen cover, but ti doubles as a keyboard and stand.

    • Matthew says:

      Thanks for the reply. I ended up going to the $1 store and getting a desktop display holder for plaques and such. it works perfectly. I had to flip the tablet upside down and then rotate the screen though since the usb ports were to low to the desk. That was the only issue otherwise it looks like it was made for it.

  7. Stephen Maurice says:

    I am in need of these drivers, I have spent hours searching and tried many different solutions and I am still unable to get the screen orientation to work. Are you also able to change the brightness of the screen? Do you still have the link to the web page that walked you through the install process? All the ones I have tried to far have been unsuccessful.

  8. Howard Spence says:

    Right now, for the next 5 days, an outfit in the UK is selling Sandisk 64GB SSDs, PATA ZIF interface, for 34.95 British pounds, Buy it Now, plus 6.99 pounds shipping. That comes to just a bit under $70. Search
    Sandisk SDPA3CD-064G 64GB SSD Internal hard drive
    on eBay. You can get a cheap adapter to 44 pin IDE on eBay for about 2 bucks. Search
    1.8″ TOSHIBA Hard Drive ZIF HDD to 2.5 IDE Adapter DZ88
    on eBay. Total cost about $70. I have ordered 1 of each. I will have to cobble a case for the drive, and have gutted a failed drive for the installation.
    PATA SSDs are a bit hard to come by, with only one brand on eBay, and I’m not at all sure of the quality, so thought the Sandisk route looked appealing, though requires a bit of work to get it together. I will report on success or failure after receipt and assembly.

    MANY thanks, Matt, for providing drivers for W7. There are bits and pieces out there, but this is the only comprehensive and totally workable set of drivers.

  9. Howard Spence says:

    I would like to know how others have done installing the video drivers in Windows 7. I have it installed, but sleep is a problem – the system activates after sleep, but the screen stays black. I have to shut down with the power switch and re-start. Any comments would be appreciated. I also could not get buttons to work, but that’s not a major concern.

  10. Howard Spence says:

    Sleep works ok now. I installed, and had the same problem. Went to graphics control panel (CTRL+ALT+12) and connected the monitor output to my desktop monitor, to see if it would display on wakeup. Played around with different settings for a while (hadn’t tried sleep yet) couldn’t get the monitor to display in clone mode, but it works in extended mode. Now the tablet display comes on after sleep recovery! And that’s with 3722! I have no idea what is different in the system, but apparently something was set as I was attempting the different tablet/monitor settings. Now I’m just leaving things well enough alone! Also have button panel working – had to install in compatibility mode.

    Matt, I apologize if it seems like I’m taking over your blog, but this seems like the only currently active site for the M1400, and if anyone else is monitoring it, perhaps these comments will help. Anyway, I’m about done.
    Thanks for getting me through some tricky installations.

  11. Howard Spence says:

    One more thing: the button driver I used is the M1400 driver straight from the Motion website, and it is very different from the one in the download provided here. If you find the one in this download doesn’t work, download from the Motion website and try it.

  12. Howard Spence says:

    Man, this guy just won’t go away! One more thing. The wakeup problem was caused by a CardBus (PCMCIA) device which gave me 2 more USB connections. When it is removed, all is happy. Lesson learned: Be systematic in troubleshooting (I wasn’t). Simplify as much as possible and see if the problem goes away. If it does, start adding until the problem appears. So easy to say!

  13. Matt Gholson says:

    Wow, glad you’re getting it straightend out. I read about wake up problems but never really had any. Seems like the buttons worked for me without a manual update. I think windows update may have pulled the button driver for me, but who knows I might have done it myself.

    I’m using a LE-1700 now which isn’t really that different, loaned my m1400 to my mom and dad and when they gave it back I loaned it to mother in law. The LE-1700 is a bit smoother and doens’t stumble

  14. Howard Spence says:

    Well, if anyone is still following this, I don’t recommend SSD in the M1400. The Sandisk I purchased works fine in my desktop (though I can’t install Windows on it) with the appropriate adapter, but the M1400 doesn’t even recognize it. One other blogger has commented on the inability to install a SSD in the M1400. So it’s an expensive 64 GB drive. It cost me about as much as a 3.5″ 1TB drive. But oh, the fun I had!

  15. Christian Uy says:

    Question; how big is the size of the hard drive bay? I want to purchase one without a hard drive because I thought I could use my extra 160GB 2.5″ sata drive in it, only to find out it was IDE. I looked online and saw someone that install a SATA SSD on his M1400 with an adapter, but he had to make a new drive cover, because it was sticking out. I was thinking that maybe a conventional mechanical 2.5″ drive might be smaller than an SSD, so it might work without the need to replace the cover. Can you give the exact dimensions? The width, height and length? I’d be very grateful, as I’ve been aching to buy a tablet pc with a Wacom digitizer for sketching.

    • Matt Gholson says:

      Sorry gave my M1400 to a family member so I can’t measure it. My suggestion would be to not worry about the SSD or SATA converter and get a standard 2.5 IDE drive. This computer runs Photoshop 7 and Sketchbook Pro fine, Photoshop CS2 works but was slower. I doubt the regular performance boost would be noticable. The drive bay is pictured on my post and you can see how it connects, from the side. The drive Caddy is a few mm thick and takes up the extra room.

    • Howard Spence says:

      I think your best bet would be to give up on trying to fit the 2.5″ SSD, and pick up a 1.8″ SSD, that way you would have room for the adapter. The dimensions for the 2.5″ SSD and the 2.5″ IDE are the same, and there is just no extra room in the case without building out or gutting the speaker area. If I recall, the guy who installed the SSD had to remove the speaker, and even then had to build out the case a bit. I tried connecting a Sandisk PATA SSD 1.8″ bare circuit board (which has a ZIF connector for ribbon cable) with an adapter, and there was lots of room, but the computer wouldn’t recognize it. It had something to do with the master/slave settings, I suspect, but I was never able to find a setting that would work, and I am now waiting for a ribbon cable so I can try installing it in my iPod classic instead. These retrofits are more often than not labors of love, and take considerable patience and ingenuity. The Windows 7 install on my M1400 was a bit of a chore, and that was with all the tips given by those who went before me.

  16. Christian says:

    Hello everybody. I’m currently looking to buy a used M1400 off of EBAY. It has no hard drive, but I figured I could use an extra 160GB 2.5″ SATA I had, only to find out it needed IDE. So I looked online for a solution, and the first thing that appeared to me was this guy who installed a SATA SSD in his M1400, but it was sticking out so he had to make a new drive cover. I want to do the same thing, only I want to keep the original cover on it. So my question is, what are the dimensions of the drive bay? Width, length and height? Also, how thick the drive cover is, and how is the drive connected? Is it where it normally is or is it underneath the drive?

  17. Hi,

    After some initial trouble with “bootmanager missing”, I now have Windows 7 Pro running on my M1400. Found the set of drivers that were missing, thanks. I cannot rotate the screen, hate to have the USB at the bottom. Any idea why?

    Roger Gustavsson

  18. Hi Matt,
    I have been running my M1400 on Windows XP until now. It started to get slow, thought that a re-install could be helpful. As I had a license for Windows 7, why not try it? RAM is 2GB.

    I have used the drivers found here, I think…. I am running Windows 7 Professional, language is Swedish.

    Looking in the Device Manager, the 82855GME display drivers were exclamation marked. The graphic driver is from Intel is dated 2003. Re-installed the driver and the exclamation disappeared. The Windows Experience Index increased the results for Graphics from 1.0 to 1.9. The mouse pointer now looks very strange… It cannot be changed either.

    The Motion Button driver is, Removed it and tried to install your driver from this page. Not possible, language does not match is the message.
    Is there any driver for the Dashboard? Somebody mentioned the LE1700 Dashboard driver (5031). Cannot find it 5032 is not compatible. Now there is a Windows window opening,
    Yes, that is in swedish. The command for rotating is not working.

    As I am using the PCMCIA-slot for a professional soundcard, I hope it will work after installing Windows 7. I have not checked that yet.
    I also have two Motion LE1700, both with Ultraview View Anywhere SXGA+ display, Core™2 Duo 1.5GHz and running Windows 7. They are better than the M1400 but there are no protection for the screen (only the external keyboard), not so practical in the field.


  19. Hi,

    After some time of use. Still no solution for rotating the screen. Video playback is really slow. Not even normal DVD wihtout stuttering. It worked better while running Windows XP. I have tried different playback software. Everything else seems to work just fine.


  20. Matt Gholson says:

    Sorry Roger I can’t help you, maybe go back to XP? I know it worked when I did it using English win 7 pro?

  21. Alexwong says:

    Hi there, my Motion M1400 Power LED was on and power adapter was attached, but it has no display. It does shows display for the first time, and it hangs and i restart it, then until now is all the way black screen.
    Please advise

  22. Roger Gustavsson says:

    The USB ports of my M1400 stopped working. Seems to be the end of life for this Tablet-PC. Can still use it for surf but videoplayback is hopelessly slow. I have tried it with Windows XP, also stuttering video. Back of the tablet gets very hot. Maybe a cooling problem?

  23. Matt Gholson says:

    My m1400 never played larger video files very well, lots of stuttering, and it got very hot when doing just about anything with it. Really these devices are so far behind the curve now that they are hardly worth messing with.

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