P90X + Big Ride = PRC: Post Ride Crash Halloween Style

You may have heard of P90X, if you haven’t it’s a current fad exercise routine that will make you total ripped in 90 days.  Lots of people at work are all into it.  From what I understand P90X is a series of workouts and eating plan, and the odds of someone actually finishing it are almost nill.  Out of curiosity I “acquired” some of the p90X videos and out of boredom I did one called KendoX last night, because it sounded cool, like kicking and punching and stuff. 

After about 37 minutes of the 50 minutes into the video I could no longer move my arms.  I collapsed in a pile of misbegotten goop while the annoyingly enthusiastic/energetic guy on my TV screen encouraged me KNOCK OUT THE GOOP.

You can see the cold in the air

The next morning I woke up at 6AM and met some folks for a ride from Eddyville IL to Bay City and back.  This ride was 58 miles and more importantly had 4600 feet of climbing.  It was hard and cold.  It was like 3o something when we started.  I was dressed like a scuba diver.  

Lots and lots of ups and downs

My nutrition plan was simple I started off with some caffeine in the form of  a daily weight loss supplement, then had a Red Bull, then I chased that with a Mountain Dew.  My bottles had nothing but water.  I bought a Ding Dong at the begining of the ride and some cheddar flavored snack mix halfway through.  I had a Kind bar and a Cliff bar in my pocket.  The Kind bar was really good, probably carbon neutral and organic. 

Dan-O ready to ride!

Once the ride got going I realized I was sore, sore in some places I’ve never been sore in, the side of my rear end for one.  P90X is a cruel mistress.  

Dan was on today’s ride, he is Super-T’s friend from Evansville.  Dan is always a great rider but this year he rode across the United States in 50 days so he has fittness to spare.   

Dan climbs the final hill.

So once I warmed up and the caffeine kicked in I started climbing hills pretty hard and then coasting down them to climb them again, this is stupid.  Its extra stupid when you’re sore.  People began to feel sore and tired and I started getting more energy.   I felt great all through the ride.

Did I mention we had a 15 mile per hour headwind for half of the ride. 

Like I was saying I felt great, until I got home and I couldn’t get out of the car.  Walking up the steps to my house winded me, I had to rest for awhile.   Hunger drove me out to get Tacos, well that and Shauna told me to.  I drank a recovery drink on the way to the Taco Hut, and then downed some Nunn electrolyte drink with my Tacos.  I still felt depleted.  

Super-T is bundled up for some cold and all blue like a smurf.

I don’t think tacos are on the P90X diet plan?  hmm better make a note of that.

I’ve been suffering from PRC (POST RIDE CRASH) for the last 4 hours.  I haven’t been able to think straight, my words have been slurred, one eye won’t close and the other one won’t open.  I can’t sleep, I can’t stay awake.  I’ve got a headache.  I probably didn’t eat enough branched chain electrolyte amino lipids, and I need some HAMMER.  This is the first ride in a while where I haven’t taken my HAMMER perpetuem.  Hmmm… better make a note of that.  


I drank a cup of coffee about ten minutes ago and it seems to have alleviated the PRC.  Maybe I was going through cafeine withdraws, better make a note of that. 


Shauna and her Mom. SHauna’s wearing her home made Mad Hatter costume.

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