A Nice Weekend, An Awesome Hat, an Old Camera

East of Harrisburg

Well first off it was a great late summer weekend here in beautiful Southern Illinois.  Saturday morning it was suppose to be raining, but it wasn’t and I got in a 40 miler with Mom and Terry.  It was supposed to be a big ride with alot of out-of-towners, but the threat of rain kept them safely in Evansville.  The big story of this ride is that Terry, or Super-T has I’m now going to call him, has finally worked the cobwebs out of his engine. 

See Super-T doesn’t ride at all during the week, just weekends, and he likes hard rides, if you’ve been reading along you know what I’m talking about.  Problem is that he often falls apart and really slows down.  Saturday morning he was riding with both cyclinders firing and blasting up the hills, when Mom had slipped away while we were talking near the end of the ride he lead a mad chase to bridge the gap.  I was amazed.

You can't but help to look Bad in a hat like that.

Today Shauna and I had a nice relaxed paced ride out to Glenn Jones Lake.  Brown is begining to replace green as the dominate landscape color as harvet approaches, fuzzy worms are following their ancient paths and grasshoppers are flying in all directions. 

Shauna’s been a bit worried, she’s been having some knee problems so we decided to raise her saddle a bit.  We also lowered her handlebars because they are really high.  Seemed to help, she did great today.  We found this sweet hat today out on the road which was the icing on the cake of a great ride.

Shauna sporting the cap

Cannon Powershot s100 front view

Finally if you’ve ever wondered what I take pictures with out on the road, wonder no more.  The Camera I use is a Canon Powershot S100 Digital Elph.  This camera is ten years old.  I’ve been using it for cycling photography for about 6 years.  By today’s standards this little guy is a real relic.  Compact Flash memory as opposed to SD, 2.1 megapixels, and the only actual problem, terrible dynamic range along with high noise, especially in the darks

Cannon Powershot s100 rear

Cannon Powershot s100 rear

Why am I still using this relic.  Well first off I don’t intend to make enlargements of the photos I take with it, 2.1 megapixels is plenty big for my needs.  Secondly my ride picutures are mostly outdoors where there is plenty of light, still there are lots of times I would benefit with more dynamic range for the contrasty sunny pictures.  Besides that, its small, really small, even today its smaller then most digital cameras and its easy to get in and out of jersey pockets.   

The real reason I’m still using it:  The bloody things a tank, see they used to build stuff out of metal, this camera is rock solid.  Its been totaly soaked in sweat from my jersey pocket, rained on, hell I’ve dropped it from my bike going 15 miles an hour and the plastic CF door broke, requring some tape repair.  The best part is since it’s so old and wore out if I loose it or somehow break it, I won’t be upset, probably amazed, but not mad. 


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