And I Was Run ning

It’s not been a real good week for me.  I got sick, had a cold that nearly left me in bed Tuesday, could barely swallow and just generally felt like crap.  For the first time in months I didn’t exercise for 3 days in a row.  Thursday morning I found that my Gmail account had been hacked and was sending out spam to all my contacts. 

Well Friday morning found my email account fixed, and my body feeling much better, I had to get out.  Shauna and I went out and hit the trail to walk, a guy ran by and I thought, stupid running, and I took off after him.  Now in the past if I’ve tried to run I rarely make it for 30 seconds before either my lungs or legs would give out, so imagine my surprise when several minutes had passed and I was still the same distance behind the guy in front of me.  In the famous words of Forrest Gump, “I was run ing.

I walked back to my wife who was is having some sore knees and decided to walk back to the car.  I turned back around and ran about a mile to the next road crossing where she picked me up.  After a few minutes I was joined by a two boys and an old man on bikes who were barely moving faster than me.  The boys hung back and started asking me questions.  Somehow I had the breath to spit out answers. 

More than anything they wanted to know why I was running, probably because I just look like some fat guy running for a doughnut.  I explained to the boys I was a bike rider and was trying to lose weight so I could ride better.  The boyz told me they were riding 7 miles back to Carrier Mills and that they could make it easy in half an hour.  I was thinking at the pace they were riding they might make in an 1 and half hours, but I told them that was real fast.  The older one said he couldn’t wait to get home and have a cigarette, I told him they were bad and he shouldn’t smoke.  Then went on to show me some sweet wheelies.  I decided to show off a bit by picking up the pace, and the boys and old man retired to a bench on the trail to rest the lungs for a bit. 

I don’t plan to take up running other then maybe just checking to see if I can still do it every now and again, but its nice to know I’ll be able to out run a zombie in the case of a zombie plague.

About Matt Gholson

Cycling, school teaching, husband.
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