The Cycle of Life

When I last wrote I wasn’t in the best of moods, and more then likely was suffering from a vitamin deficiency, since then I have gulped down an entire case of Mona-Vie and through the magical power of the acai berry feel… about the same.  Har Har Har. 

So I wasn’t going to ride Monday night, and I didn’t, but I did go the gym.  I’ve been bombarded with comments now that I’m back to work about how good I look, how much weight I’ve lost, how awesome I am.  It was nice at first, but now I’m getting freaked out.  What if I start gaining it all back, what then?  “Hey Matt, nice to see you’re back to your giant flabby self”  “I bet it was nice while it lasted.”  I had to go! 

This Ork Warboss is hankerin for a good WHAAAG!


Meet Ghazgkull.  He’s an Ork warboss, and also the first Warhammer miniature I painted about roughly ten years ago.  This post is entitled the cycle of life and there is good reason.  For the last several years my life has followed the predictable pattern of a teacher-cyclist.  I ramp up my riding in Spring to get ready for a summer of riding.  June is awesome, July is good, August sucks.  Around here August is so freaking hot and humid that a lot of people don’t ride much, usually myself included. 

Here's one of the last group I painted, some Dwarven Warriors.


This year I stepped my game up a notch and rode almost every day in July and most days in August, despite that like most years before I started looking for something else to do.  Which leads to my little buddy up there.  Warhammer is a game played by geeks where you move little soldiers around on a table decorated up to look like a battlefield.  Its kind of like a combination of Model Railroading and American Gladiators, if the gladiators had guns and blew each other up.  

Here are some Knight's Templars that I painted.


Sadly I’ve never actually played this game, I’ve just painted the miniatures.  I got into this last year about this time, I bought a started set I painted a bunch of the figures, then went on a purge.  I sold them all on ebay, for a substantial profit I might add.  I’m not that good at painting them, I don’t pay quite enough detail,  they look OK, but it’s very time-consuming.  If I’d spent the countless hours hawking Mona-Vie instead of painting I’d come out better. 

So as you can probably guess, my August boredom led me back to Warhammer.  Here’s how it worked:  I played Risk, which lead me to playing Diplomacy, which lead me to playing a couple of wargames on the computer, which lead to playing Blood Bowl on the computer, which lead me to buying a Warhammer 40K starter set.  If you’ve never heard of these games, then you’re better off.  I can at least say I’m not blowing my time on Farmville, like a certain person I know.  Anyway, I’ve got a starter set coming and I’m going to paint them, then more than likely sell them on ebay in a few months without ever playing a single game. 

So I’ve got to go dig out my tiny paintbrushes and find a magnifying glass.  Goodnight.


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One Response to The Cycle of Life

  1. Keeping it off is ALWAYS the issue. I fight all the time. Since I lost 70+ pounds in 2008, I’ve put 20 back on. Just gotta fight. I’m too old to worry about looking “hot”, but not too old to worry about the extra pounds I have to lug up and down hills.

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