Back to the ol Grindstone Juggalo Rant

Cruising with Jason's Walz Cap, helmetless.

So I’ve now spent a few days back at work and I can completely understand why people live such unhealthy lifestyles.  When I get up I just want to get ready for my day, I don’t want to get up and ride or walk.  When I get home I just want to drink soda and sit around, my head hurts, my neck hurts, my voice is sore, and my feet hurt. 

Even though I’ve done almost no physical labor I still feel exhausted; the idea of exercise seems crazy.  Despite that

Shauna is an alternate on Team Banesto.

I’ve still been to the gym and done two rides this week, Shauna has gone on both, and Adam on one.  If it wasn’t for them I’d probably have just gone to bed.  We had a very enjoyable ride last night.  Adam and I did hill sprints until I couldn’t breath and Shauna followed along keeping a faster pacer then she eve has.  I kept telling them both we were almost out of the hills, and honestly the ride wasn’t even hilly but it seemed like as soon as I said that we would hit another hill. 

None of these crazy people wear helmets? They're probably Juggalos.

Every year as summer draws to a close I make big plans to go to lots of fall rides, then when I’m back at work I’m like, what the hell was I thinking.  Still Adam and I are doing the Kiwanis Fun Day ride in Mt. Vernon Illinois this weekend.  We’re going to shoot for the 100, but we may settle for 62.  I’m also planning on doing the Tour de Cape and the Tour de Shawnee.  The Hilly Hundred is on my short list, I’m strongly thinking about doing it.  Problem is there are so many reason’s not to go do these charity rides, the drive, the cost, the fact that I pay more to sign up late and don’t get a T-shirt.   

We encounted an obsticle on Old 13, we had to do some cyclo-cross stuff to get around this giant trench in the road.

In local news the Juggalo Gathering concert thing is over and the Juggalo’s have cleared out of Southern Illinois.   If you ahve no idea what I’m talking about consider yourself lucky.  Though they are gone, they leave a little bit more their evil and retardedness behind them every year.  I had a few idiotic friends in high school that thought the Insane Clow Possee was cool.  I was pretty sure these friends were stupid then, and I’m sure of it now.  The thing is I heard nothing from ICP until a few years ago when they moved their yearly gathering to nearby Cave-In-Rock IL.  I’m hoping the owner of the campground can get a National Hitler Youth, or NAMBLA convention going, he’s on a roll.  Now I’m starting to see people in the area with the Juggalo emblem on their cars.  I’ve had students in school with the Juggalo T-shirts, drawing the Juggalo symbols on their belongings and skin.  I’m sure these people would be into something else stupid if it wasn’t the Juggalos, but I’m sure there is a lot less stupid stuff they could be into.  Southern Illinois has a bad enough reputation allready, we don’t need the national toliet of the Juggalos.



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