Help Shauna Get Back to the

I’m hanging out in a Hotel in Sparta Wisconsin tonight, Shauna and I rode about 62 miles today on the 400 trail.  I don’t have pictures yet, and really the only reason I’m typing this is because I think its cool to update my blog this far from home, oh and I need some help.  Shauna is upstairs rubbing her sore quads, she rode about twice as far as she’s ever ridden, and now we have to ride back tommorow.  She needs all your concentrated hopes and prayers to make it.  Everyone leave a comment, say GO SHAUNA or tell her how awesome she is sometime tommorow and your words will float North and boost her home… I hope.


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3 Responses to Help Shauna Get Back to the

  1. Go Shauna. Getting back is WAY easier than getting there!

  2. ED says:

    It is cool that you now have biking in common. We have always been happy to ride together (most of the time). Since Shauna can now do long rides maybe we can all do Goba next year.

  3. Matt Gholson says:

    That’s the goal, she is tired of me going off and having fun without her so I said, sure you can go if you can ride 50 miles a day. Now she can.

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