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Drlg portrait at 15 mph.

Hello Folks, sorry I disapeared for awhile.  Review week wore me down, I had several good ideas for posts, but I forced myself to write a review instead and I ran out of steam and time to write on Thursday.  I’ve had a really busy weekend, I helped my brother move and rebuild a metal carport on Thursday, day out with the wife and family BBQ on Friday, and big rides on Saturday and Sunday.   

So whats up?  First I am glad to say I’ve ridden my bike 11 days straight, in fact in the last 22 days I have only not ridden one day.  This is kind of amazing for me because I have always been a fair weather rider; meaning if I was a little sore, if it was windy, or if I just didn’t feel like it then I wouldn’t ride.  I rode 698 miles in July, and I’ve gotten in 2741 miles for the year. 

I have my wife to thank for this because she has kept me going on days where I wasn’t dying to ride.  Shauna herself has gotten really interested in riding, we’re even planning a trip to Wisconsin to ride some bike trails, hopefully we’ll escape the 105 degree heat index. 

 I did a mountain bike ride yesterday at Land Between the Lakes, which is a National recreation area in Kentucky.  LBL is one of those things that I constantly thank the federal government for.  Imagine a place where you can fish, horseback ride, camp, hike, waterski, hunt, ride ATVs, see bison, go to a planetarium, oh and ride some awesome mountain bike trails.  It works because of regulation, the horseback and ATV riders have their own trails, though I’d cringe to see what they look like.   For all those people, who think the federal government is useless and they are overtaxed and over regulated I’d point them to the infrastructure that let me drive 90 miles in an hour and half to ride my mountian bike, or the millions of other modern marvels that make this truly the golden age for humans on Earth. 

I recently listened to a biker, no, not a cyclist such as you and me, but a honest to god biker, the kind that dress up in leather instead of lycra, and ride their Harley around looking to raise some hell.   I listend to this biker complain about how the government was ruining everything, he cited an example of a nearby motorcycle rally that was ruined by an over abundance of law enforcement presence.  The thesis of his argument was summed up with this quote, “Anytime people are having fun the government will either tax it, or ban it.”  I guess law enforcment should turn a blind eye to the inevitable stabbing thats all part of the fun?

The Canal Loop trail goes under the bridge, and it wasn't foggy except for on my camera lens.

Anyway I’m talking about my mountain bike ride, I met seven other people who all got together thanks to the Shawnee Mountain Bike Association.  I was really worried about this ride, I’m not a very good mountain biker and have a history of going on group mountian bike rides and being the anchor.  You know, the guy who is consistantly 5 minutes behind everyone else that the group has to wait on whenever there is a fork in the trail. 

I’m happy to report I was off the front of the group the whole time, mainly because it was a beginer friendly ride and everyone was having fun and riding casually.  I was so wired to keep up my efforts had me leaving the group

Don crusing the Canal Loop trail.

behind.  My lighter weight and conditioning had to help though, I was climbing hills in my middle ring that in the past I’d barely inched up in my granny.  I’m also glad to report that there was no anchor because of the awesomess of the group, the strongest rider would often hang back with whomever was last and there was never a person who was always comming in alone while everyone waited. 

Thankfully I had fun, and contrary to popular belief the government didn’t tax it, or ban it, in fact they funded it, oh and no one got stabbed.


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