Walz Caps

Here I am sporting my tropical weight wool cap.

This review week is getting kind of tough, I had to put my thinking cap on to come up with my next item for review, literally… I like cycling caps, I’ve always thought they were cool, and especially like the flippable visor, the only problem is most of them don’t fit my bulbous head that well.  I saw an ad in the back of a magazine once for an American made cap without sponsor graphics and logos made in different sizes; I thought, yeah thats the ticket.  For Christmas last year I had my wife get me two Walz Caps, an ear flap wool model and a tropical weight wool model. 

Both caps are of impecable quality.  The large size fits very well, its not really that much bigger then a regular sized cap but that little bit makes a big difference.  The wool ear flap model was my go to cap all winter and spring, The wool is very warm and the ear flaps do wonders.  I switched to the tropical weight cap in April and wore it almost every ride up until Late May, I still occasionally wear it, but its a little warm in our Summer heat, its just a little warmer then then a cotton cap, but when its really hot I usually just prefer a sweatband. 

So whats good about these caps?  Like I said, they are very well made, they fit great and the wool is an amazing material.  It soaks up sweat without ever seeming that wet, I’ve never washed either cap but they don’t smell and they don’t have that crusty salty look most of my caps get.   

What’s bad?  Not much, but I don’t really like the bills on Walz caps.  They don’t have the typical rigid reinforcement most cycling caps have, instead they just are a tight flap of whatever material the hat is made from  They do flip up but they don’t stay reliably up, unless you tuck it under your helmet, since I’m not usually wearing a helmet that doesn’t work.  Since the bill is soft it doesn’t have the rigid look of a typical cycling cap, it still does the job and blocks sun and rain.

One other little detail, the Walz caps are a little more expensive then typical cotton caps, but the wool models are about twice as high as traditional caps.  A standard cotton cap I’ve worn on and off for about a year already looks worn out while my Walz wool caps still look brand new, there is no doubt that they are worth the extra money and I feel good supporting an American company.  You get what you pay for and with Walz caps you get a really good cap.

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  1. martinsj2 says:

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    The Centre For Neuro Skills cites a study which concludes wearing bicycle helmets reduces the risk of head injury 74%-85%.

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