Floyd Style

Floyd has disdain for aerodynamics.

OK, I’ll admit to having an unhealthy obssesion with Floyd Landis.  I’ve wrote about him before and I’ll just recap that I kind of think of him as a kindred spirit.  Now if you haven’t been following along with the seedy underside of profesional racing I’ll offer another recap.  Floyd said just about everyone on the postal team doped and that they had an official Trek bike garage sale to fund the doping program.  Of course all of this is after Floyd finally came clean after years of lying.

So whats Floyd up to now.  Well he’s racing the Cascade Classic in Bend Orgeon sans team and sponsor.  Now whats really interesting is that since Floyd was not allowed to wear any clothing adorned with his sponsors logo my first question is, who would still want to sponsor Floyd?  I mean this guy is taking a jackhammer to the pro racing establishment, which I personally think is awesome, but not so good from the business side of things. 

So since Floyd couldn’t wear his fancy pro duds he wore a grey T-shirt and what look like Wal-Mart spandex shorts, oh yeah in a prolouge racing against guys wearing skin suits.  Awesome!  This shouldn’t be such a suprise, Floyd has a reputation as a Maverick outsider, he raced in Sweatpants until he finally broke with his menonite tradition and wore cycling clothes.  He also used to wear intentionally dorky clothes to local races when he was a cocksure young kid.  He’d beat the older local studds wearing baggy shorts, long socks and you guess it, baggy T-shirts. 

Nightline is going to be doing a story on Floyd racing the Cascade Classic soon, I’m looking forward to it.  I don’t know if what Landis is doing is good for the sport or not.  The last thing pro cycling needs is more and more doping, its like a merry go round, but I have to admit, it keeps things interesting.

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