Review: Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat

Matty G sporting the Adventure Hat.

Last year on GOBA I found that spending an entire day outside in the sun could get kind of rough.  I broke down and bought a straw hat which helped some, but had some problems.  It was a very open weave of hat that didn’t block enough sun, and the even bigger problem was smashing it down into my bags for the day’s ride.  I left it at home this year and opted for something new.

Enter the Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat, I didn’t set out to purchase this hat but instead got tricked into by one of those “spend x amount of dollars and get free shipping” deals that websites like to offer.  Campmor had the hat for 29 dollars and despite its slightly odd appearance I went with it.  I’m really glad I did.

Adventure Hat side view.

In the features department there is the wide brim and tail flap that covers your entire head, it had an adjustable strap and buckle system that is easy to use and makes the hat fit perfect, there is a chin cord to keep it on or to hang it around your neck, the sides of the hat are vented, there is a sweat absorbing insert in the band, and there is a somewhat dorking looking design near the front. 

From the back

How did the hat perform, lets just say it rarely left my head when I wasn’t riding.  When I put the hat on in the sun it was as if the temperature went down a few degrees, almost like walking around with your personal shade canopy.  The light weight material felt very cool and I’m sure the vents helped.  The hat was very comfortable hanging around my neck and since it has no problem getting smashed flat it was fine to be behind me while sitting in a chair.  When it came time to stow it away for the ride it was easy to stuff flat into my bag.  I even wore it once in a short rain, it kept my head perfectly dry.  Its not waterproof so I don’t expect it to work as a rain hat but the wide round brim will definitly keep rain out of your eyes.

In the durability department I think it is made really well, but only time will tell how well.  It is pretty much unchanged after a weeks worth of constant use and abuse.  The stitching is tight and the material seems to be of high quality.  I imagine this hat will last for a long time.

As far as style goes, well unless you’re treking through the Sahara this hat will probably look a bit out of place.  I hate to say it but I think it looks a little dorky, Jane had a more standard wide brimmed hat that looked far cooler, and probably had almost as much sun protection.  I think if you are going to wear this hat you are just going to have to give up on looking cool and accept that your wearing something that looks like a bonnet. 

I think that the Sunday Afternoon Adventure hat was a great value at 29 dollars and I’m really glad I bought it.  I’m going to try wearing while riding and see if it’ll stay on my head, if it does it will get even more bang for the buck useage.  If I ever decide to trek through the Sahara then not only will I have a cool head but I’ll look cool as well.  The bottom line is if you spend alot of time in the sun and you don’t mind wearing a hat unlike anyone else’s then you should get a Sunday Afternoon Adventure Hat.


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One Response to Review: Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat

  1. JC Wise says:

    Spray that puppy with some silicone water proofing and you would have a rain hat too.

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