GOAB Day 4 & 5



Concert under the Elms at Ohio University

Hello again from GOBAville Ohio’s largest moving town.  Today is another layover day and we are in Athens Ohio your typical college town featuring streets packed with bars, eccentric shops, and ethnic restaurants.  

Its 8:30 and I’m hanging out in the Speed Queen Laundry Mat, I took the optinal day off instead of riding the century or even the 55 mile loop.  My legs feel fine, but I just couldn’t get myself to mount that saddle this morning.  JC and Jane have both gone off and intend to do the 55 mile loop, my other buddy Jason is out to conquor the century.  

Yesterday was the hilliest day yet, it was 52 miles and about 3500 feet of climbing, I was starting to feel it yesterday but never experienced any cramps, bonks or any kind of general brakedowns.  

The cyclign familly from Orriville rolling by on a Quad.

I spent some time yesterday drafting a quad, a bike designed for 4 riders.  A family rides it; their skill and teamwork are awe inspiring.  It was very similar to riding a roller coaster, they would be pumping like crazy up the hills and  losing momentum to the point where I was itching to pass.  The thing was passing them didn’t work becasue I found out pretty quick that I couldn’t out ride them on the downhills, no matter how hard I pedaled or how tight my tuck got they would buzz by me.  If you can’t beat em, join em so I spent the next ten miles sucking their draft.  

A moblie tent city, no clothes line ordinance in GOBAville.

 The tandem team and many other riders I’ve talked to belong to the Orrville Cycling club, I’ve been riding with a 16 year old boy on and off this week who is a member of the club.  His Mom, Dad and Sister are all here along with several neighboors and friends all seem to be club members.  



I’ve talked to another guy who was telling me about the group rides in his town, there is an A ride, a B ride, a C ride, and a D ride, then there are the social “no drop” rides.  Apparently you can do a well attended group ride every day of the week.  It seems like the Columbus Ohio area is a hot bed of cycling activity,and it makes me kind of jealous.  

Concert under the Elms at Ohio University

In the cultural department we took in a concert last night, Music under the Elms I think was its name. Ohio University has some amazing green areas and the area where the concert was performed was one of them.  The music was orchestral medalies from stage and screen so I was actually familar with the music and got to feel cultured at the same time.  



In the creature comforts department we made a trip to Wal-Mart yesterday and bought battery operated fans.  It seems like about 9:30 every night the wind totally shuts off and the tents become saunas, the fan helped alot.  I’m starting to miss the creature comforts, cold ice from the fridge, comfortable chairs, air conditioning, and I’m really  starting to miss  the lovely Mrs. Gholson.  

This church in the morning fog looked pretty cool.

My clothes just finished drying so that about wraps up today’s GOBA report.  Tomorrow brings another ride and a new town.  Stay tuned.


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