GOBA Day 3

Crusing along on GOBA

Lets start off with a short ride report:  Today was an optional day, we are staying 2 nights in Marieeta Ohio which means we didn’t have to start the day by packing up all our junk before shoving off.  I went ahead and did the optional ride of 50 miles.  It was hillier then what we have been doing, but I didn’t take my GPS to find our just how much hillier.  The views were spectacular since we spent some time riding along ridges, the roads were close to a roller coaster. 

About an hour into the ride Jason, the guy who’s been camping with us, passed us.  I made a strong effort to stay on his tail and I did for maybe 2 miles.  I passed him up a hill but miscalculated the amount of GO in my legs, half way up he passed me and I couldn’t recover enough to continue.  I hope maybe one day to be able to ride like that.  After that little adventure I finished the ride with JC and Jane, another person camping with us. 

We had a Drum Circel under a covered bridge, it was a groovy experience.

So we were out on the road about 4 hours, considering we sleep about 8 what do we do with the other 12.  Well there is usually some GOBA entertainment, local bands that perform, towns will have various activities for us.  Monday I participated in a drum circle with about 30 other people, something I’ve always wanted to do. 

We spend alot of time wandering around looking for food and wandering around looking at bikes.  There are always people hanging around to talk too, though it can sometimes be hard to extract yourself. 

This guy is on every GOBA making home made mirrors to attach to yoru bike or helmet. I guess he actual drives that car?

Speaking of people, I’m amazed by the variety of people out here riding. For example,  camping on side of us is a family with two girls probably around 5-7 years old, the other side is an old man probably 75 years old.  Men women and children of all ages, sizes and colors are out here enjoying riding their bikes.

I’ve always thought I had it hard being overweight and riding, but when I see some of the people out here I know I’ve always had it easy.  There are people missing limbs, people well past their prime, people who are much larger then I’ve ever been, there is even a blind guy who rides stoker for a tandem.

JC, Jane and I are waiting for a bus, but its all good.

In the bummer department I inspected my wheel real closesly when I finsihed the ride today and found several little cracks around the spoke eyelets.  I bought these wheels used on ebay and have put over ten thousand miles on them so I think I’ve got the good from them.  Looks like the shop is going to give me a loaner wheel for tommorow.  

Tommorow takes us to Athens where we will spend another layover day and I have to decide if I want to ride on Thursday there is that optional century that I was so gung ho to do last week.  My heart says yes but my ass says no.


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One Response to GOBA Day 3

  1. Wade Duncan says:

    Your ass won’t mind ….go for it, Matt. Have a great ride for the rest of the week. At first I thought JC was the one from Hardin county.

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