Its GOBA time

I've been busying organizing stuff, can't you tell!

I spent some time today getting my gear ready for GOBA, the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure.  GOBA is a week long supported tour, that means they haul your stuff from town to town so you are free to ride unencumbered road bikes on a scenic tour. 

I don’t have time tonight to explain all that is good about GOBA, but here are some basic facts:  There’ll be about 3000 people, 7 days, around 50 miles a day, 2 layover days, one layover day has an optional century that I intend to do, if you do the optional century you get a badge, I want that badge.

I’m going with JC this year and he’s bringing his netbook so I can keep Barndoor up to date on all the exciting GOBA activity, so stay tuned!


About Matt Gholson

Cycling, school teaching, husband.
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