Teflon Cables = Super shifting upgrade

Teflon cables are smoooooth.

If you read my last post you know I intend to reveal my super shifting upgrade today, I’m sure that you probably couldn’t sleep last night from anticipation.  Teflon coated cables are the cheapest and best way to improve the shifting of your bike. 

I bought a el cheapo generic teflon cable many years ago to use on the rear of my mountain bike.  I thought it was a bit smoother but as can be expected when you ride a mountain bike in the Shawnee National Forest I broke a derailleur off on the next ride.  When I took the cable apart I found that a great deal of the teflon coated had worn off.  The cable unwound and I didn’t reuse it and decided that teflon coated cables were probably more of a gimmick then anything useful.

A few days ago I whined to my Dad that my shifting sucked, even though I had recabled the bike myself with Shimano cables in the winter.  He said he had been having the same problem and that the cables we bought were the worst cables and not Shimano’s better cables.  He then told me how he installed a teflon cable and the shifting  was amazing. 

My Dad had recently helped a buddy put new cables on his tandem and somehow they ended up with a slightly used extra teflon cable.  Yesterday morning he came over and we installed this slightly used cable then took a 35 mile ride.  The difference was night and day.  Lever action became so much smoother, it takes far less effort to lift the chain up the cassette and go up the cassette and shifting into a higher gear is super snappy.  I gave it a good test by shifting allover the place while climbing a big hill, standing and sitting, perfect shifts every time.  

In conclusion, if you want faster shifting use teflon coated cables, spefically good ones like the Aztec one I was using.


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