Schools Out For Summer!

Sweet freedom.  That’s what I tasted today on the first day of my summer vacation.  I love my job for alot of reasons, not the least of which is summers off.  Allready I have taken my car to Wal-Mart to get a tire checked out, done some landscaping, fixed my goldfish pond filter, cleared some weeds, and road 20 miles. 

Shauna rode with me again tonight along with my mom.  Its funny right now she’s more limited by bike riding skills then fitness.  The winter of eleptical machines in the gym has really paid off for her.  

Another issue we’re having is fit.  I know how I’m supposed to feel and fit on a bike, but I have a hard time translating that to my wife.  I’m pretty certain that the bike she is riding is just a bit big for her, and the stem extender I put on so she could keep her back straight makes the handling squirmy.  Going to have to get her something good if she wants to keep riding.


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