A real fat cyclist

I’ve been following www.fatcyclist.com for awhile, and I like it.  But I have a problem.  I always assumed that The Fat Cyclist TM was actually a fat cyclist.  After looking through the archives of the site I have yet to find him mention a weight higher then the upper 180s.  I realize that everybody is different and that Elden weighed in the 150s and gained 30 pounds to become The Fat Cyclist TM, but I have a hard time believing that 180 pounds is fat. 

So while I love the blog maybe he could change the name to something more apporpriate.  For instance, how about, The Slightly Overweight Cyclist, The Not-All-That-Skinny Cyclist, rr maybe The Not-Quite-At-Peak-Performance-Weight Cyclist.

Thank you, that will be all.


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Cycling, school teaching, husband.
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2 Responses to A real fat cyclist

  1. He was a fat cyclist. He used his cycling to lose weight and has kept it off. I read about him in a magazine I get.

    • Matt Gholson says:

      Did it ever mention how fat he was, because I can’t find anything I would consider relatively fat on his blog. Maybe its older.

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