Reaping the benefits

Matt Gholson about to ride

Here I am about to set off on a Sunday morning ride, sporting my stylish Wolz cap.

I hooked up with my buddy JC today for a ride to Williams hill.  JC was excited to try out his new bike on a big hill.  I was excited to put some new miles on my new saddle.   JC’s new bike is a Specialized Roubaix SL2, bigtime expensive pro model.  He bought the frame and the componets and my dad, one of the best bike mechanics around, put it together for him.   He went with SRAM Rival and so far he’s loving it.  Compared to his old bike he seems faster but that’s not very objective.  I know for a fact he was harder to keep up with when we were sprinting today. We climbed Williams hill which is the biggest climb in Southern Illinois, not the steepest, not the longest, but its the tallest.  Its the second highest spot in Illinois, which isn’t saying much  It tops out a little shy of 1100 feet, and the bottom of the climb is around 400 feet. No mountian but a more then solid challenge for me.

Soaked fields

The clouds looked heavy and low this morning as I set off for my ride.

The first time I climbed Williams Hill, I had to stop, it was July 4th 2007.  I was gliding up the climb with my buddies JC and Speaks and about halfway I up I laid down some more power.   A few hundred feet from there I nearly fell off my bike and had to stop to catch my breath.  I overheated, and couldn’t handle the grade.  I was around 270 pounds then.  I’ve climbed it several times since then, both the easier East and harder West sides.  Today we did the West side and while I felt it was tough I had enough energy to do a short sprint at the top and didn’t even think about stopping to catch my breath.  I’m 12 pounds lighter then the last time I did the climb and I could really feel the difference. 

I’m going to be writing a more in depth review of my new Saddle, the San Marco Rolls, soon but lets just say right now things are peachy.


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